Denizens of Darkness

Hours of drakness 1

A collection of eerily beautiful denizens of Darkness, these are no damsels in distress but may cause some if the mood takes them. All photos taken on the DRD sim using region WL and the majority of items used are from The Mystic Realms Faire, so check the details for the who , what , where .. and maybe pick up something perfect for your Halloween Queen.

Take care as you walk the streets of Darkness in the hours of dusk til dawn, an unusually alarming array of citizens inhabit this small town. I speak from experience, one I shall not soon forget. I had stayed overlong in the shops near the centre of the town and emerged to find nightfall already approaching. I stopped in my tracks when I spied this ghostly pale figure standing before the town fountain.

mrf darkness_002

Alarmed by her stare and the glint of her horns I hastily moved away turning towards the dock hoping to leave behind the streets and the chance for more unwelcome encounters. Though I was out of luck for standing astride the wreckage of a small wooden boat was a tall slender creature who sent shivers down my spine. Garbed in green with snaking tendrils over her limbs and..


mrf darkness_006

snakes! her hair is alive with snakes! Thoughts of the gorgons of classical stories I averted my eyes.


mrf darkness_007

Fortunately she appeared engrossed in a conversation with her hair? her pets? I don;t know which but I was in no way tempted to find out. I moved along the shore and noticed a tall tower with an eerie glow was I going to explore further? Oh no way! I may be brave at times but I am not stupid. I slipped between the last few buildings on the edge of the dock and came face to face with an apparition that stole my breath away.

mrf darkness_011

Her skin had a faint luminescent glow about it and was marked with curious etchings below her eyes. The moon shone behind her adding a strange sheen to her clothing which has a fitted streamlined look to her as if armor from some advanced technology this impression was enhanced by the intricate headpiece that had a series of patterns carved into it.

mrf darkness_010

As she blinked and turned towards the water I felt a curious sensation, with her pale eyes no longer upon me I suddenly felt very alone and vulnerable.  I began to feel panicked that I may never escape this town, moving quicker now I noticed there was a slight incline behind the crumbling stone buildings to my right. Pushing my self forward with renewed urgency I started my ascent.

mrf darkness_015

Suddenly before me appeared a dark figure accompanied by an equally dark wolf. A muffled yelp of surprise escaped me as I clamped my hand over my mouth in fright, was I about to be torn to shreds by this sharp clawed duo?

mrf darkness_018

I looked about me seeking a weapon or something to distract this pair of hunters, when suddenly the wolf threw back its head and howled. The almost human creature turned, as did I, and there on the horizon was the first rays of sunrise. With a slight smile the creature and friend slipped away with a flick of their tails and I was free. I was not sorry to see the last signs of this town slipping behind me as I broke into a jog ..

mrf darkness_004

..though I must admit I was curious as to where these denizens of Darkness came by their fascinating clothing.

If you are wondering to the answer is : Mystic Realms Faire. This event is nearing the end so if you want to enjoy the amazing environment then do so before it closes on the 26th.

I added the last photo so you can see these amazing shoes, I wore them with all but the Faux lady outfit but in each shot they weren’t visible so here they are in all their spooky ornate detailing. The details listed below are in order of the outfits shown and items marked with a # are available at MRF.

Skin: ::Hera:: Snow (HEAVY Nip), ~PixyStix~ #
Hair/ Headpiece: Hexsight Cowl Full, [][]Trap[][]  # Hugely customisable on an easy to use hud
Eyes: Horizon Eyes v2 – Dark Antique , IKON
Clothing: Creeper Dress – Virus , Vengeful Threads #
Shoes: Gothique heels black / black (Slink high), lassitude & ennui  #
Extras: Slink high feet and casual hands

Skin: Fable : Moss / Bare + Eyeliner (Dark Brow), Lumae#
Hair: HAIRbase/ curls black, .:EMO-tions:.
Eyes: Lucid Eyes – Black , IKON
Clothing: Anawyn , Green ( includes top, skirt and arm bands), [ SAKIDE ] #
Accessories: Gorgon Wig & Crown (Green & Gold) , ~Chimeric Fashions~#
Tentacle Leggings, Bracelet and Necklace- sold separately, colour change, BP #
Shoes: Gothique heels black / black (Slink high), lassitude & ennui #
Extras: Slink high feet and casual hands
Skin: Freya – Lipstick01 – Grey, [LoveMe Skins] plus LoveMe Skins – Freya Eyeliner02 ( included with skin)#
Hair/ Headpiece: Nova Helm, – ANA -[][]Trap[][] # Hugely customisable on an easy to use hud
Eyes:Arcane Eyes – Lavender, [Buzz]
Makeup: Yumagi . navy [T] (new), [ni.Ju]#
Clothing: NYMPHE dress and gloves (fitted mesh) – midnight, [sYs] #
Shoes: Gothique heels black / black (Slink high), lassitude & ennui  #
Extras: Slink high feet
Skin: Freya – Lipstick01 – Grey, [LoveMe Skins]#
Hair: Sansa Hair, [RA] #
Eyes: Ascension Eyes – Scoria , IKON
Clothing: Faux Lady ( includes 3 colours of hood, arms, legs, tails, plus shape skin , tattoo and furkini), {aii} #
Pet: Dire Protector – Shadow, Alchemy #



Batty woman

Carries, VIP Batty offer

Carries Lingerie really gets into the Halloween spirit with a fantastic party, an amazing Limited addition ( on sale this month only), sales of past special themed lingerie/costumes , a range of hot newly released costumes ( more posts featuring those very soon) and even a photo contest.  Just when I thought all of the treats were revealed Carrie then unveiled a VIP only opportunity- SS Halloween Batty. So if you haven’t joined the VIP group yet ( fee to join) then consider this as an ideal opportunity, talk to one of the friendly and helpful staff at Carries today.

SS Halloween Bats, full bra and boyleg pants , Carries Lingerie

SS Halloween Bats, full bra and boyleg pants , Carries Lingerie

Now back to this photo collection, the Halloween Bat version of SS includes a heap of options. There are three styles of bra- demi, normal and full, 3 styles of underpants- thong, panties and boy pants, a garter to wear with the stockings if you like, then there are the appliers ( Slink for the stockings and LTA for the bra in different options) PLUS a leather underbust corset. PHEW what a lot is packed into this set, now you can see why it makes a perfect Halloween treat for yourself or a loved one.

Carries Lingerie, Zuri Rayna Jewelry + EMOtions

Carries Lingerie, Zuri Rayna Jewelry + EMOtions

This photo features the standard bra and panties options. Did you notice my necklace? I found a fantastic bat themed jewelry set on sale at Zuri Rayna Jewelry, its on the special sale board near the MM boards, it is an elite set meaning you get lots of colour change options for the centre gem plus the bat itself. The set includes a pair of earrings also so if bats are your thing this is a set not to be missed.  My cute little friends are also something you should grab a hold of , they are from MishMish as part of the TAG gacha event ( here is a link with more information here:

EMOtions group gift

EMOtions group gift

One last photo , this time showing the thong and a glimpse of the demi bra option of the  SS Halloween Bat set, and with one last flick of my hair.. oh my hair I musn’t forget to mention this great short style that is available now as a group gift at EMOtions. Grab the SLurls below and get your Halloween treats early.

Skin: Celestial* Black mamba dark brow Mocha, al vulo ( @ past TDR )
Hair: * FAITH * -black, .:EMO-tions:. NEW group gift
Eyes: Lucid Eyes – Black , IKON
Lingerie: SS Halloween Bats, Carries Lingerie ( VIP only offer)
Jewelry: Bat Winged Choker Elite (Metal/Gemchange) – also includes earrings2013 , Zuri Rayna Jewelry ( special offer in store)
Shoes:Impossibly High Heels – Evil Queen Ed -The Annex ( past event item)
Pets: Scawy Monster – Bat, *MishMish* ( gacha item in TAG event)
Scawy Monster – Purple, *MishMish* ( gacha item in TAG event)
Extras: Slink casual hands and high feet

A good reason to go topless

- is a great sale on pants!

deco pants sale

DECO is a store I have been to a few times but I must admit to having only bought shoes there. So when I saw a notecard that they were having a sale on pants I didn’t really know what to expect. What I found was great casual pants marked down to 50L – I’m not sure how long this will last so if you want to just grab the SLurl and skip the other topless photo I understand. What? turn around? ok then

deco pants sale_002

As you can see there are men’s pants ( located on the right side of the store going in) and women’s for both their are long and short options a variety of casual styles and colours.

Now grab the SLurl and get going! DECO-

Tune up your body

Pit babe

A few of my friends have been asking about the Venus (Belleza mesh body), in particular about how you can dress it since we are not seeing clothing released specifically for wearing with it. First off I will mention that all of these pictures were taken using Nam’s Optimal Skin and Prim windlight and that no editting or additional lighting was used. I cropped and resized these pictures only.

Venus and included lingerie

When you get the Belleza body you are given 3 sets of lingerie, I’m wearing the nude version above, plus two pairs of shoes – vital if you had previously been wearing the Slink feet and on making the changeover found you wanted to wear the full Belleza body . I am excited by the amount of designers already releasing shoes that include a pair for wearing with Belleza feet along with the Slink compatible variations.. so YAY designers.

But back to dressing- first up you have the choice of wearing mesh clothing. As with all mesh clothing it is important to try demos before buying, this is even more important as you can’t use the alpha included with the clothing.


Sometimes you can wear the clothing without worrying about needing an alpha at all, with this dress from tulip I slightly reduced the size of my breast ( -2 on the slider) and a great fit with no nip slip in sight.

Rona dress, LpD

Other times you will need to select sections on the alpha hud to hide, above you can see by the stars I hid my nipple area as well as most of my groin area, in this pose especially my hip and butt were poking through the dress. You do have the option to hide front or back or both .

Canibelle lingerie

Next up is applier clothing. This is when things get a little more complicated, but once you have done the process once or twice you will find it simple.

  • First of all at this time you need to be looking out for clothing that includes Omega appliers, you will probably find these are included in a lot of packs that have applier options.
  • Next you will need to buy the Omega System Relay Hud for Belleza, this item is from LoveNLust and is available on MP for 99L.
  • Wear the OSR ( Omega System Relay) hud and then add the Omega applier that came in the clothing pack.
  • I usually still have my Belleza hud on at this stage so I can experiment with which layer I want to apply clothing to. In the picture above the stars indicate I have selected the underwear layer on the Cannibelle lingerie Omega hud, and clicked the Underwear layers on the Belleza hud ( now showing as ON).
  • Sometimes it does take a moment to change , especially with lag.

Add some jeans

Ok I am not going to a lingerie party so time to add other clothing, I have some Omega applier jeans from Larry Jeans so on went the applier and I clicked on  the clothing layer lower body option on the Belleza hud. You do not have to keep your lingerie layer on unless you wish to, you may even choose to wear you jeans on the underwear layer ( provided the clothing applier has that option).

The important things to remember :

  • Make sure you are wearing the OSR hud before adding your clothing applier.
  • Experiment with which clothing layer you want to wear by selecting them on the Belleza hud.

Fully dressed

I added a cute top I found on marketplace from AJ Creations again by using only an applier I added it to the uppoer body part of the clothing layer, I also chose to remove my bra ( by turning off the upper underwear layer) to eliminate those straps showing.

At this point I can remove both the Belleza hud and the OSR hud and I am ready to go! As an extra comment after speaking with my friend Vicky and her comment of tping in and your mesh body not rezzing, if you are concerned about your alpha not working either and everyone seeing you naked, your best option would be to slip on a simple outfit underneath your mesh body- a bodysuit or bikini would be perfect.

I really hope this has helped answer some of the questions people were having about the Omega system. Here is a link to the Marketplace fir the OSR hud If you have more questions, feel free to leave a message in the comments or IM me in world and I will see if I can help :)


Skin: Grace C88 Med 2 Br, -Belleza-
Hair: Posy, TRUTH
Eyes: Hope Eyes – Iron , IKON
Extras: Venus, -Belleza-
Omega System Kit for Belleza, LoveNLust
Clothing: Geo Cut Dress , – Blush, tulip
Rona dress sand, LPD
Sandrine Lingerie- black, Cannibelle , includes Omega appliers ( @ The Theme Park)
Rita red top, using included Omega appliers AJ Creation ( on MP)
Denim v- cut pack,Larry Jeans- includes Omega appliers
Costume Pit Babe ( 8 colors), ALESSANDRA ( on MP)- includes Omega appliers
Poses: 1st picture- Pit Queen, {NanTra}( @ Cosmopolitan Sales Room)
all others- Rosie’s Secret, {NanTra} PS there’s a 50% off fatpacks sale in store atm to celebrate 1st Anniversary of this store !

Building blocks

building blocks

In a virtual world there is a constant struggle to make things less angular, more smoother, more realistic. But I say embrace those edges ( sometimes), celebrate curves but do not turn your back on other shapes.

While wandering around Mystic Faire Realms I found the perfect example of a beautiful blending of past and present SL , a low lag mesh avatar that is simple in line and form but packs a punch in every polygonal surface.

Polly Lo from Chariot @ MRF

And then I got creative with all of the different colours available and using various poses from *PosESioN*, though of course I did a little compiling to get all of my poses on one picture.

Polly Lo art

Secret study

secret study_002

Astronomer’s Discovery- table and chair set, elm,( wall chart included) [Circa] ( @ Mystic Realms Faire)

Hidden away in the attic at the top of my parents house is a little room, furnished with treasures that no one else in my family cares for. Books line shelves and tables are piled with displays of plants, maps and minerals, collected from past travellers, written by scholars and discarded by older family members.

secret study_009

Sweeney Attic, Frogstar

Every night I slip away to this secret little room,  my mother pretends I am sitting in the attic perfecting my embroidery or sketching, my father laughs indulgently and calls me his little scholar for he knows that I escape to the little attic to study.


secret study_004

Traveller’s Discovery, table and chairs, forest , [Circa] ( @ Mystic Realms Faire)

I study the world in books. Books of stars and seas, and lands beyond those seas, of animals and plants, birds and mankind. I study sketches and make notes, my mind filled with thoughts and wonder of our world.

secret study_008

details of Astronomer’s Discovery- table and chair set, elm, [Circa] ( @ Mystic Realms Faire)

secret study_005

details of Traveller’s Discovery, table and chairs, forest , [Circa] ( @ Mystic Realms Faire)

Many a night I have fallen asleep in my secret study dreaming of far off places and mapping in my mind exotic and exciting travels.

secret study_001

Astronomer’s Discovery- table and chair set, elm,( wall chart included) [Circa] and Traveller’s Discovery, tall shelf, [Circa] ( @ Mystic Realms Faire)

Then morning comes and I am still at my little table surrounding by books and the adventures and findings of others. But this morning is different, today I come of age and gain access to an inheritance left by my grandparents.


secret study_012

“Elaisse” Gown – Moonlit Noir , Senzafine ( @ Mystic Realms Faire)

When I told my parents of my plans I fear my mother fainted on the spot but my father understood, in fact he gave me a fine leather bound journal and a pair of beautiful boots as he wished me safe and adventure filled travels of my own.

studied adventure_001

Armand , BareRose with Captain’s boots black , lassitude & ennui ( @ Mystic Realms Faire)

Skin: Grace Pale 5 R, -Belleza-
Hair: Bianka V2, CATWA – NEW
Eyes: Hope Eyes – Apex , IKON
Clothing:”Elaisse” Gown – Moonlit Noir , Senzafine ( @ Mystic Realms Faire)

Clothing in last picture: Armand , BareRose, ( @ Mystic Realms Faire)
Boots: Captain’s boots black , lassitude & ennui ( @ Mystic Realms Faire)
Extras: Slink casual hands
Furniture: Traveller’s Discovery, tall shelf, [Circa] ( @ Mystic Realms Faire)
Traveller’s Discovery, table and chairs, forest , [Circa] ( @ Mystic Realms Faire)
Astronomer’s Discovery- table and chair set, elm,( wall chart included) [Circa] ( @ Mystic Realms Faire)
Skybox: Sweeney Attic, Frogstar

Random Rave – Sales + Slink = WoW


I love sales

A mixed collection of photos and sales , all great opportunities to get something special for your SL.

new release at The Hellis Diva

First up clothing, both the top and jeans are new releases at The Hellish Diva. I received a blogger pack and loved the discovery that as well as system layers there are appliers for Slink Physique as well as TMP ( which I do not own ). So I slipped on my mesh body and a couple clicks later a sexy skin tight outfit.


HD jeans_005

Now onto some sizzling sale items. WoW Skins has a special on 10 individual skins on the ground floor level of their store ( sorry guys no males skins included that I could see). Amongst the displays are 10 selected skins that have been marked down to a mere 25L. They are a mixture, some light skin tones, some dark, some with pink toned makeups , some more bolder, so spend some time checking out the options. Although appliers are not included with the skins WoW skins does have a large range of appliers available in store.

WoW skins

Sale number two- Maxi Gossamer back room sale. From now until Halloween a range of items are available at 50% off, you will find these in the back room and clearly labelled. They are being changed  over this period so make sure you plan a few return visits.

Linx ribbon sandals, Esque

Finally shoes! Esque is having a 75L sale on their shoes, they are all Slink compatible ( check to make sure you have the right foot- some mid , most high) what a great opportunity to stock up on some strappy sandals and sexy stilettos . This sale runs until 4pm SLT on the 20th October. (NB There was a slight issue in delivery but it helps that there are 2 redelivery terminals in store- and the owner was super helpful and redelivered a pair that didn’t appear on there when I sent a notecard with transaction details, what a fast response Thanks for the sale and service!

Skin:Yuki Darktan 05, .::WoW Skins::. ( 1 of 10 skins on sale for 25L)
Hair: RIPLEY hair – BournFade, [LeLutka]
Eyes: Hope Eyes – Chocolate, IKON
Clothing:Half Lace Top, The Hellish Diva
High Waist Jeans, The Hellish Diva – NEW
Jewelry: Amalfi Silver Moon set , includes earrings and 2 necklace lengths, Maxi Gossamer ( backroom sale item)
Bangles – Black Dare , includes multiple options,Maxi Gossamer ( backroom sale item)
Shoes:Linx Ribbon Sandal – Ink, :ESQUE: ( 75L sale on now)
Extras:Slink Physique Mesh Body V1.4
Slink high feet and casual hands
Pose prop: Black rectangle with 6 poses, IOS

SLurls: The Hellish Diva


Maxi Gossamer

WoW Skins