The face of Justice

Dead Dollz Cosette gown black

Secondlife is a wonderful place to see the amazing talented and creative designs dreamed up by hard working people. But it is also a place for a shameful crime, that of copybotting, it is not a new issue and LL seems to be no further able to / interested in ( not sure which applies) protecting designers who have clear proof of ownership of their designs. When mesh came out in a flurry and templates became available it was simple for some creators to recolour or drop on a new texture and while there is nothing wrong with that ( provided all legalities have been followed when they purchased and resold template items) it soon became motivation for some designers to challenge themselves to create very unique pieces. A real bonus for the buyer right! For the designer their attention to details and their styles would see them gain recognition and a following, but sometimes this brings about negative attention in the form of people trying to ‘rip’ copies of the work and claim it as their own with little or no change!

Copybotting is not limited to clothing, almost everything I can think of in SL, has had some attention from people who would steal from those who work hard to achieve success. Hair, skins, shapes, clothing.. very little is safe. Currently the owners of the original are responsible for taking the steps to get this wrong addressed, some of these have reached early legal proceedings whilst others have faded away- the original designer included.

The gorgeous gown in my post is by Kiddo Oh owner of Dead Dollz, and she has clearly stated her situation here : Basically her gown has been copied but she’s not going to sit back and let them take from her- she has made the gorgeous Cosette gown in black available at her mainstore for a tiny 1L. Let’s get behind her and show our support PLUS enjoy an absolutely stunning gown. [I will make a note here to let you know that in my picture I used coloured lighting giving a slight pinkish hue whilst the gown is actually  black detailed with silvery white].

An important way to fight against illegal use of designers work is to shop smart, buy directly from the store or the store’s marketplace. Be aware of suspiciously low priced items especially in almost empty stores/ marketplace stores. If you are suspicious about an item and can recognise the genuine owner contact them via notecard with details and let them handle it, avoid spreading the word about a copybotter for not everyone will resist the lure of a cheap knockoff. But we need to! We need to support the designers who keep bringing their passion and dedication to enrich our SL lives.


Muse @ Genre

Norena Soir , Owner of NSP Florals, has branched out to include a new range titled [MUSE] allowing her to explore “many fields such as Couture (high fashion) for both men and women” so expect to see lots of unisex modern and adventurous pieces to enhance your wardrobes. This range will be available within her mainstore so make sure you explore both sections when you stop in to collect your NSP group gift. However at the moment you will need to take a detour to Genre to collect this stunning  headpiece ( available in a range of colours). Look for SLurls below.

[MUSE] Logo

Shopping at well organised events such as Genre is one way to be sure you are getting a genuine bargain from the real creator. Then you can wear your items with pride, knowing you that you are supporting someone who is passionate about sharing  THEIR own work with us all.

Skin: Rose – Pearl 04 D, -Glam Affair -
Hair: Selma, CATWA
Eyes: Lucid Eyes – Black, IKON
Makeup:Intense Lips – Tintable 1, [THD] – The Hellish Diva
Gown: Cosette Black, Dead Dollz
Accessories: Apocalypse Bride (Smoked Wine), [MUSE] ( @ Genre)
Devastation Collar [Rigged-XXS-M]://Princess – retinted :[P]:
Norath “Scepter of Deceit”, !dM ( @ FGC)
Extras: Slink casual hands with Opera gloves plum, AE
Poses: Poet’s Heart

SLurl to NSP Florals/ [MUSE]:

SLurl to NSP Florals @ Jewels Isle:

Santa Claus is coming to town

Santa @ Carries

- and he has arrived at Carries Lingerie. Just grab the teleporter in the main store which takes you up to the VIP area, as a special treat this area has been decorated in a fantastic Christmas village theme and is open to everyone not just VIPs. With lots of great photo opportunities, special releases ( more about these in a moment) and then there is the big guy himself ( Santa not Carries husband).

So you better watch out, he will decide if you are naughty or nice and won’t hesitate to suitably reward you or deal out a little punishment.

Naughty girl

But if you have been nice Santa is very very generous, giving out wonderful items from past Carries collections. Definitely gets you in the Christmas spirit to be on the receiving end of such generosity- remember this area is open to everyone temporarily, come and enjoy this place with friends and family, guys there is a gift there for you also ( sitting on Santa’s lap is optional).

Speaking of generosity Carrie is the Queen of the generous spirit throughout the year and come Christmas time she really lavishes this on her VIPs, let me explain. Today saw the start of the 12 days of Christmas celebrations, each day Carrie releasing one new outfit and for the first 24 hours it is on discount at a huge 50% off for VIP members wearing their group tag when purchasing. ( You will see two prices on the vendor the lowest is the VIP special). The next day brings another hugely discounted new release but we don’t know just what it will be until that day begins, remember the 50% off discount is for VIPS and only for the first 24 hours- what a great reason to join up if you haven’t already, just speak to one of the friendly staff as you explore this winter wonderland.

Now a glimpse of this year’s first outfit : Holiday Barbara Ann, available in a range of six bold colours I couldn’t resist the classic red combination. The richly patterned fabric is set off beautifully by ribbon trimmed white lace. The lingerie consist of panties with or without garter, bra ( with LTA) , and corset. Then add your stockings and gloves, with Slink appliers, don’t forget your matching boots and hat. However if you want to cover up a little more you may choose to wear the included mesh bolero and cheeky lace trimmed skirt making this a complete outfit perfect for any Christmas party or private festive fun.

Barbara Ann



Skin: salina* red dream blonde brow sunkissed, al vulo ( @ TDR)
Hair: Jasmine GIFT, enVOGUE HAIR
Eyes: Promise Eyes – Storm, IKON
Lingerie/ Outfit: Holiday Barbara Ann , Red, Carrie’s Lingerie
Extras: Slink casual hands
Location: Carries VIP area, open to all during the 12 days of Christmas celebrations.


In celebration

Celebration gown, Paris Metro Couture

“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

When I saw this vibrant blue gown from Paris Metro Couture it called to me to dance. The blending of mesh ( fitted mesh option also included) and flexi gives you such joyous movement whenever you move or dance. So grab your gown, put on your favourite jewels and slip into a pair of comfy dancing shoes and dance the night away.

Belle Pearl V2-Champagne-Gold, Zuri Rayna

Speaking of jewels did you notice my gorgeous pearls? Pearls are a classic and although there is nothing wrong with a simple pearl choker Zuri Rayna livens this concept up with gorgeous sparkling diamonds nestled amongst delicate gold metalwork. The Belle Pearl v2 set includes necklace and earrings and is available in a range of different colour combinations ranging from subtle through to bold , stop in at the store and check them out today! Don’t forget to wear your group tag when purchasing this set, who doesn’t love a discount right?  Keep reading for other details and SLurls.

Skin: {Quinn01} Medium02 *brunette*, Essences (@ current TDR )
Hair: Brooke – Indecisive, .ploom.
Eyes: Hope Eyes – Oak, IKON
Gown: Celebration – Blue , Paris METRO Couture
Jewelry: Belle Pearl V2-Champagne-Gold, Zuri Rayna Jewelry
Makeup: Intense Lips – Tone 2.1, [THD] [ The Hellish Diva]
Shoes: Gloria.Heels (Ghost), fri.
Extras: Slink casual hands and high feet
Background: Perfect Portrait Curtain ( Texture changing), KaTink

sTeal me away


Steal me away for a night and a day ,

Layna teal

.. steal me away and peel the layers away.

Carries Lingerie, Layna teal

Expose all that was hidden…

layna teal, CB

.. keep me close and let me love you everyday.

First up thank you to Carrie’s Lingerie for releasing yet another simply sexy set and secondly thank you to my simply sexy new friend who helped out for my photo shoot.  But back to the lingerie-

Layna, which I chose in teal , consists of bra, panties, stockings and gloves ( with appliers) optional corset- not shown and a garter belt . LTAs are included so you can enjoy this set with mesh breasts if you choose.

In the first photo I added a skirt and jacket set that I picked up from the new round of My Attic , which is where I got the single poses in the other photos, all details are below.

Skin: Ashley FLF Smokey Med Dk, -Belleza- ( this week’s offer)
Hair: C4 V2, ^;^CaTwA^;^
Eyes: Hope Eyes – Apex , IKON
Clothing: Sasy Jacket & Skirt, Navy, LMD ( @ My Attic)
Lingerie: Layna – teal, Carries Lingerie
Shoes: GALLA Heels, ( includes Slink and Belleza versions), Glamistry ( @ My Attic)
Extras: Slink casual hands and high feet
Poses: Couple pose: Bitten, GLITTERATI
Single poses: Put a ring on it, {NanTra}( @ My Attic)
Sofa: Valencia Sofa, label motion

My name is Ela

Ela. EMOtions

Ela! Not Cinders, not Hey you, not Serving girl and most definitely not Cinderella. I may be hanging out in a dungeon for now but I won’t be here for long I promise you that!

EMO-tions + Senzafine

You tricked me into coming here because I believed my family to be in danger, but now I have found out they were already dead there is nothing keeping me here. Sometime soon the idiot you left guarding me will be distracted, I am not without a few tricks of my own.

weapon by dM @ FGC

Then I will be out of here and it’s really important that you remember my name is Ela so that you can scream it loud in frustration when you see the destruction I have left in my wake.

Skin: Calaerneth /redB, !Imabee ( @ We <3 RP)
Hair: * ELA * , .:EMO-tions.
Eyes: Spectral Eyes – Silverleaf, IKON
Clothing: “Celestine” Gown – Copper, Senzafine ( @The Fantasy Collective)
Accessories: * INDRA* black, .:EMO-tions.
Norath “Bezerker’s Axe of Two Blades”. !dM ( @ FGC)
Extras: Slink casual hands and high feet
Decor:Barrel with water, Bucket with Metal ( both commons @ FGC), 22769~ [bauwerk] ( @ FGC)
Poses: by Poet’s Heart

A glimmer of gold

orchids by NSP Florals

Sometimes a glimmer of gold is all that is needed to brighten your day. For me the sight of the lovely orchids from NSP Florals is that gold, I chose a lovely umber tone to enhance the stylish Arabian Princess gown which is on a special sale at Kelini ( more information on that in a moment) first the orchids. These beautiful floral pieces are available at the Vogue Fall Festival ( be sure to grab the SLurl from the details) and are in a range of colours from subtle to vibrantly tropical. As well as the hairpiece included is a long orchid stem with carry animation these are beautifully made and are fantastic replications of a stem of Moth orchids. While you are picking out your favourite colours at the event pick up the special offer of an exotic Leopard tone for a mere 10L.

NSP Orchid Stem & Hair Piece (Wild Leopard)

Now back to the sale at KELINI, this is a limited sale, limited time and limited items on sale. Three dresses to be exact, this lovely textured long gown in a range of jewel tones, and two cocktail length dresses also in a range of bright gorgeous fabrics. The price.. and this will have you racing for a tp.. a mere 100L, but this is only until the 30th November.


For the final touch take a look at those sexy shoes just showing underneath my gown, though not gold ( that colour is available though) they have a gorgeous gleam and sexy shape that is undeniable an ieQED shoe. <3. You can find these in a range of metallic tones at Kustom9 which is where I picked up my skin from Glam Affair.


Skin: Angelica V2 – Jamaica 02 D, -Glam Affair – ( @ Kustom9)
Hair: * MARESOL*/goldenbrown, .:EMO-tions:.
Eyes: Spectral Eyes – Silverleaf, IKON
Accessory: Orchid Ivy Hair Piece (Golden Umber), NSP Florals (@ Vogue Fall Festival)
Clothing: Arabian Princess , terra cota, KELINI ( special sale item)
Shoes: siren.pump.copper., ieQED ( @ Kustom9)
Extras: Slink casual hands and high feet
Poses : by Eternal Dreams

It’s time to go

The time is now

It’s time to go, time to hit the road and check out what you can find at this round of Genre. Themed for a Post Apocalyptic world the setting is perfect, the items clever and creative .Although not everything I am wearing is from Genre -  they fit my thoughts for this picture so check the details for the specifics.

Time to hit the road

My skin is from Lumae and is available in a range of skin tones, I chose honey, and within each pack you get multiple versions with different degree of shading over the eye. What a fantastic skin at an amazing price, this was one of my Genre finds. The other item I picked up there was my great short skirt, it comes with a hud giving you several different choices of fabric all equally appropriate for the post apocalyptic theme.

Lumae + DRD @ Genre

My weapon is one I picked up at the current Fantasy Gacha Carnival as is the top , which is designed to be worn with another much fuller skirt but I liked this pairing. My great grungy boots are from a past event and I confess I liked these boots by DRD so much that I bought several different pairs.

Skin: Star : 4 – Honey / Apoc – Full Light {Mid Cleavage}, Lumae ( @ Genre)
Hair: Drake Hair – Ladies – Solstice, ~Tableau Vivant~
Eyes: Hope Eyes – Leonine , IKON
Clothing:*MESH*Steampunk Gown Top*, Yasum ( @ current FGC)
Apocalypse Skirt- Heavy Grunge, =Mirage= ( @ Genre)
Fingerless Leather Gloves, ( slink hud), Izzie’s
Accessories: Norath “The Mighty Waraxe”, !dM ( @ FGC)
Shoes:grunge thigh highs – dark net , DRD
Extras: Slink casual hands and high feet
Mechanic Hands SLINK HUD – nailpolish, ~Tableau Vivant~