Cocktails tonight at eight, straight or over Rocks

dresses by ROA

The weekend is here and the perfect trio of cocktail dresses landed in my lap courtesy of the owner of ROA Fashions. All three are mesh and fit beautifully and I must admit I enjoyed matching them with jewelry from the advent gift wall at Chop Zuey, note some of the gifts are free for everyone, some are for group members ( fee to join group). For more details and SLurls keep scrolling.

I want to mention one of EMO-tions new releases, I wore it in all three looks, but chose different colours. You will also notice it looks like a different style in the centre, that is because this hairstyle is one of the 2-1 styles, by left clicking the hair you adjust the style ( yes with animation), in this case the side ponytail gets rolled into a neat bun creating a lovely full style.

Listed left to right:

Skin: Eloc Latte Cleavage / Eyebrows Brown, CenterVille Skin and Shape
Hair:* LALEEN * , .:EMO-tions:.
Eyes:Promise Eyes – Metal, IKON
Clothing:Golden Dreams Dress , ROA Fashions
Jewelry: Sultaness Necklace and bracelet, Chop Zuey advent group gift
Shoes:Very High “Desiree”, for Slink high ( included with dress)
Extras: Slink casual hands and high feet
Skin: Eloc Latte Cleavage / Eyebrows Brown, CV Skin and Shape
Hair:* LALEEN * , .:EMO-tions:.
Eyes:Promise Eyes – Metal, IKON
Clothing: Cameo – Halterneck Pencil Dress red, ROA Fashions
Jewelry: Oblique Motion Pall set, Chop Zuey advent group gift
Shoes: Cordelia -Platform Heels- Noir Steel, [L.Warwick] ( now known as Livalle)
Extras: Slink casual hands and high feet
Skin: Eloc Latte Cleavage / Eyebrows Brown, CV Skin and Shape
Hair:* LALEEN * , .:EMO-tions:.
Eyes:Promise Eyes – Metal, IKON
Clothing:Bare my Shoulder Dress , ROA Fashions
Jewelry: Elephantus Maximus- necklace and earrings, Chop Zuey advent gift FREE
Shoes: Umbriel -High Strapped Heels- Tanned, [L.Warwick] ( now known as Livalle)
Extras: Slink casual hands and high feet
Poses: Fatale set, Ma Vie

PS. I completely forgot to add in the location where I took the photo, the fantastic Galaxy Dreams, a ballroom, dance club with plenty of places to slip away to enjoy some quite time if you want a break from the crowds.

Got Christmas all wrapped up?

wrapped your gifts

Carrie’s Lingerie may have finished their 12 days of Christmas countdown before many other stores started theirs but that doesn’t mean the Christmas fun is over. The VIP section is still open for everyone to visit and enjoy the wintery wonderland- don’t forget you can sit on Santa’s lap once a day and claim a lovely gift, if you are nice that is! All of the Christmas releases are now revealed and available to buy, though the super low introductory offers are not available. As well as a MM board, there are past years offers and specials … plus yet another great Christmas themed lingerie – Wrapped. Pictured above in the covered version, the red ribbons also have a fine star covered mesh for a more modest look, I love how the stars also trail enticingly down your leg.

Wrapped lingerie, Carries

This is the uncovered version and it certainly is, you can add LTA if you wear mesh breasts and there is also a makeup included but not shown. Available for purchase separately are some fantastic slink compatible scarlet shoes with a gorgeous bow detail, however as I wanted to show a couple of the Christmas gacha items from Boudoir I decided to slip on these festive shoes instead.

Skin: Yasmin Xmas Gift Pale Bl, -Belleza-  ( part of the current group gift for Belleza- there is a fee to join this group)
Hair: Senses-Dark Blonds, Vanity Hair- NEW
Eyes: Destiny Eyes – Nymph , IKON
Clothing: Wrapped , Carries Lingerie
Shoes: Christmas Shoes, Boudoir ( in store gacha)
Extras: Slink casual hands and high feet
Prop: Wearable Christmas Gifts Pile, wearable includes pose but not shown, Boudoir ( in store gacha)

Sakide in the Snow

Sakide snow fun

Sakide has some sexy fun outfits out at several different frosty cold events. One of which finishes up on the 19th so check the details, grab the SLurls you need and wrap up warm!

Details : left to right
1: Hair:Selma Beanie, CATWA ( FREE gift @ Avi choice sim-
Clothing:Thermal Outfit, rose sweater and shorts, [ SAKIDE ] – 5 colour choices, includes scarf ( not worn and LTA) @ Frost
Shoes: Thermal Wedges, [ SAKIDE ] @ Frost
Extras: Slink casual hands and high feet

2. Hair:Raina, Tameless ( fade hud) and Buzzed hair base
Clothing: Fuzz Leather Outfit , White, includes hud with choice of 3 shades for the vest, [ SAKIDE ] available in black, brown or white packs @ Winter Trend SL
Shoes: Fuzz Leather Boots White, [ SAKIDE ] available in black , brown or white @ Winter Trend SL
Extras: Slink casual hands and high feet

3. Hair: Lady Boy-Noisette, Vanity Hair
Clothing:Corrupt Bustier and skirt , white, [ SAKIDE ] @ Frost
Unisex Winter Scarf and Winter hat, [Phunk]
Thigh High Knit Socks white, Izzie’s ( includes Slink appliers)
Knit Gloves purple, Izzie’s ( includes Slink appliers)
Shoes: Ugg Boots, Purple, LFC * ( gacha item @ Merry Crisis Gacha Fair opening 18th Dec
Extras: Slink casual hands

Base items- in all outfits
Skin: Amberly II – Asia 02 F , -Glam Affair – (@ C88)
Eyes:Horizon Eyes v2 – Dark Antique , IKON
Pose prop: Frosty Snowflakes, Exposeur ( includes 5 poses)

Calling the Ancients

Ancients theme @ Genre

The theme of Ancients ( at Genre) has given the designers plenty of scope for their creations. I was sent the Ma’at-ka-Ra set from Norena of NSP Florals and [MUSE] and I knew instantly where I wanted to take this photo. A friend had shown me this amazing Egypt sim years ago and I crossed my fingers as I hit tp hoping it was still there, it was and looking as glorious as ever!

Ma'at-ka-Ra set,[Muse]

[MUSE] is releasing items that are unisex as well as specifically fitted for male or female, and as you can buy individual pieces for an incredibly low price during the Genre event, I recommend you go and check out which pieces you want to add to your collection. I have chosen to go with the Ancients theme and pair my stunning jewelry with clothing from Vengeful Threads which you will also find at Genre. This two piece outfit includes various coloured tops ( system layer) with a mesh skirt ( with hud to select different colour options).

The lovely white gown is also a two piece outfit that is at Genre, you can pick up this in your choice of 4 colours, that is if you can resist the temptation to buy them all. The style, fit and texturing is gorgeous so keep an eye out for the designer of  LE, I know I will be. I crowned this outfit with a dramatic headpiece from Modern Couture – Jewelry, which you can find at the winter edition of L’accessoires.

Modern Couture Jewelry @ L'accessoires

One final shot to show you the details on the back of The Vestals outfit, and the lovely soft sweep of this beautiful updo from EMO-tions.

LE @ Genre

Skin: Deedra (Brows2) black Ebony, DeeTaleZ
Hair: FBR01 (Cast Iron), Discord Designs
Eyes: Hope Eyes – Leonine , IKON
Clothing: Nefer, Vengeful Threads ( @ Genre)
Jewelry: Ma’at-ka-Ra by [MUSE] – worn Chest piece, Forehead piece, Bracelets, Nose/ ear piece, Earring(purchase separate items @ Genre)
Makeup: Eyeliners – Catliner, Eyeliners – [okkbye]
Accessories: Norath “The Glass Canon of Destruction”, !dM ( past gacha event item)
Extras: Slink casual hands
Skin: Amberly II – Asia 02 F, -Glam Affair – ( @ C88)
Hair: * VALERIE *, .:EMO-tions:.
Eyes: Promise Eyes – Wight, IKON
Clothing: The Vestals , Snow ( 2 piece outfit), *LE* ( @ Genre)
Headpiece: Dryen Headpiece Gold, [Modern.Couture] Jewelry ( @ L’accessoires )
Accessories: Priest of Khepri Scepter (Gold), !SSD ( past gacha event item)
Extras: Slink casual hands
Poses: for staff, from Poet’s Heart

SLurl to Genre, The Ancients:

Photo Location:

Elegantly exotic

Lazuri jewelry

I had this photo in mind last week, but with health and other interruptions I didn’t get it taken until this morning. Beautiful purple orchids on this jewelry set from Lazuri ( released at the recently closed J& A Expo)were the catalyst for this this tropical setting. My daringly revealing gown is courtesy of Valentina E at this months round of Uber, you can purchase the dress on it’s own or a contrasting or matching bodysuit for a more modest look. I wanted a flowing almost falling off me look so skipped the bodysuit, but as these pictures will be seen by various audiences I played it safe and added specially tinted pasties.

Lazuri jewelry, Glam Affair skin

My skin is the super pale new skin tone, Polar unveiled by Glam Affair at this round of Collabor88. As a nice bonus this particular skin tone included the Slink hands and feet with the skin, saving me a trip to the store just for these. I recently decided to try a new shape, and picked up the Zara one at Glam Affair. These are my first photos since changing and I may still refine the face a little more, I have been trying to get a blend between my usual shape and the new to me one.

floating away

One last photo before the details list, this was just a fun shot experimenting with “floating” . I tried lots of different wind and water lighting and was quite happy with the softness of this one and the slight gilding on the water.

Skin: Amberly II – Polar 03 F, – Glam Affair – ( @ C88)
Hair: Longfall Hair – Light dyes, ~Tableau Vivant~ ( past gacha event item)
Eyes: Lillian Eyes – Winter {Medium}, [Buzz] ( @ Kustom 9)
Clothing:Stella Belted Gown , Jade, :V.e. ( @Uber)
Jewelry: Mio, purple- Hair attachment, ring, snake necklace and upperarm bracelets worn, Lazuri ( was at J&A Expo)
Extras: Slink casual hands and high feet
Poses: Still Life, Ma Vie

Precious metals

Midnight fun gown, MAAI

I have always been on the look out for stunning clothing in silver and gold, purely because it is difficult to get that metallic sheen just right to give it life and light without it being one big bright bling covered glow- well that’s what I figured since for so long sparkle was only possible through bright settings. With the development of mesh and then materials things changed and improved markedly in my opinion. So now I am enjoying more and more metallic coloured items filtering into my inventory, and I wanted to share some of those that struck me as especially stand out.  Today’s post features silver items and I shall endeavor to post the gold outfits soon after.

My first outfit is a gown from MAAI, I chose to make use of the appliers for my Slink Physique, though there are other appliers included plus the option to wear as a system layer gown as well.

Smoked diamonds, Symphony Zuri Rayna Jewelry

I love the Symphony set from Zuri Rayna, this is not a completely new set, but a re-release of a past design and trust me the colour combinations are varied and all equally gorgeous. I was so drawn to the set I am wearing with my gorgeous gown from Maai, I feel like I am channeling Marilyn Monroe with all of these diamonds draped around me.

Mina holiday edition, REIGN

Silver head to toe was my aim and these lovely shoes from REIGN complemented my gown beautifully, the extra special thing about these shoes is that the hud lets you choose between silver and gold for the shoe, and then you can also choose a different ribbon colour.

r2 @ C88

For my second silvery look a more bold choice of dress, from r2 at the current round of C88. I loved the flirty cut and contrast between the coloured parts and the sheer, there is an option that is completely transparent if you were feeling daring.

Chamile bracers, Zuri Rayna Jewelry

Last week I posted about the Jewelry & Accessory Expo and included a photo of the lovely Chamille set from Zuri Rayna Jewelry, these bracers are a complementing set which is available to purchase. Featuring the same colours they give you an additional way to wear the set if you purchase both, remember they only are available at the Expo during the event.

Glow Designs @ CSR

Check out these killer heels, I must admit with this outfit I am glad of the smooth lines of the Slink Physique body otherwise this shot would have been from the knees down! You can find these Xtreme heels by Glow Designs at the current round of Cosmopolitan Sales room, which is also where you will be able to pick up your choice of 1 or both Diva sets of poses by Eternal Dream Poses.

I am just about to hit post and I noticed something funny in the picture above, my apologies I hadn’t realised sooner that my shoe platform disappeared into my studio- big oops, sorry about that.

Details: first styling
Skin:Scarlett/Milky, Lara Hurley
Hair:SAGE hair – Marilyn,[LeLutka]
Eyes: Lucid Eyes – Silver , IKON
Clothing: Midnight fun gown, MAAI ( includes appliers for Slink, TMP, Omega, plus system layers also optional small sleeves)
Jewelry: Winter Symphony -Diamond/Smoked Steel, includes necklace, earrings and bracelets, Zuri Rayna Jewelry- NEW
Shoes: Mina Heels 2.0- (SLINK)- HOLIDAY EDITION, REIGN
Extras: Slink Physique Mesh Body V1.4
Slink elegant hands and high feet with Winter Glitter polish from Frogstar
Details: second styling
Skin:Scarlett/Milky, Lara Hurley
Hair:SAGE hair – Marilyn,[LeLutka]
Eyes: Lucid Eyes – Silver , IKON
Clothing: hika,silver2, includes panties, r2 A/D/E (@ C88)
Jewelry: Chamille Snow/Gold Bracers, Zuri Rayna Jewelry ( @ J&A Expo)
Shoes: Xtreme heel, silver, .:Glow Designs:. ( @ Cosmoplitan Sales Room)
Extras: Slink Physique Mesh Body V1.4
Slink elegant hands and high feet with Winter Glitter polish from Frogstar
Poses:Diva set 02, Eternal Dream Poses (@ CSR)

Decor: paper stars silver, [we’re CLOSED] ( @ CSR)

A kiss as soft as a snowflake

Kiss skating outfit

Winter and Christmas go hand in hand for many parts of the world, so I wanted to bring some cute items that you can find around the grid.

Tameless + Eternal Dreams

This cute two piece mesh outfit with red high heeled skates is a free gift,  at Baci Vintage so grab the SLurl in the details. I have included as much information about where I found things or else the store where you will find items.

Noel earrings, Zuri Rayna Jewelry

Skin: Zoe (04) Brown, ::NM::( Nar Mattaru)
Hair: Anneke, Tameless
Eyes: Lucid Eyes – Machine, IKON
Clothing: Kiss skate outfit, includes Ice skates ( turn off AO), Baci Vintage,
Faux Fur Stole – White, *Fishy Strawberry*
Tights white ( hearts), Izzie’s ( includes Slink foot applier and Phat Azz appliers)
Accessories: “Minerva” gloves , Poinsettia ( RARE)- includes Slink and Omega huds, alaskametro<3 ( @ anyBODY)
Jewelry: Noel Earring , Ruby/Crimson, Zuri Rayna Jewelry- one of the selected items on sale.. check the display outside each participating store on the Jewels Isle sim.
Extras: Slink hands
Poses: Snowflake poses,includes snowflake prop, Eternal Dreams ( in store gacha for the You Better Not Pout Gacha)