And the leaves will fall

leaves may fall

As Fall progresses and leaves turn from golden to orange to darker shades of brown I want to share some gorgeous items that will brighten your evening whichever season you are in. The recently released Floating leaves gown from Ever An’Angel comes in a range of gorgeous colour combinations. It comes with a delicate leaf brooch  and earrings but I chose to wear a recently released set from Zuri Rayna Jewelry .

Belle Pearl V2-Champagne-Gold, Zuri Rayna Jewelry

The combination of pearls gold and subtle diamonds creates a classy cascade of gems that are eyecatching  and gorgeous.

Khloe Pump Rosegold G 2.0, [Co57]

Finishing off with a quick snap of my shoes because well aren’t they a fantastic colour! Plus the store they’re from is having a sale so grab the SLurl below to check them..and some of the other great items mentioned.

Skin: Maarja (Brows1) nobrows Mixedtype, DeeTaleZ – new @ Uber
Hair: Piano Bar-Light Browns, Vanity Hair – NEW
Eyes: Hope Eyes – Chocolate, IKON
Makeup: Talia Eyebrow – Tintable, [Buzz]
[LB Deco Marquee] *Slink* Manicure- La Boheme
Gown: Floating Leaves Gown – Taupe/Plum, Ever An’ Angel [located on same sim as Zuri Rayna Jewelry]
Jewelry: Belle Pearl V2-Champagne-Gold, necklace and earrings, Zuri Rayna Jewelry
Shoes: Khloe Pump Rosegold G 2.0, [Co57]- SALE on now
Extras: Slink casual hands and high feet
Poses: Modern Default set, *PosESioN* – recent special sale item

Decor:Flying leaves orange , Kalopsia

Shared blog: Editting mesh clothing

I came across a fantastic blog prepared by Kirsten Corleone focusing on how you can tint and edit mesh clothing. Clearly explained with a video link this is a fantastic resource.

Or you can see the post on her blog : .

Thanks Kirsten this is very useful  information.

I wish you well

Forest well, Kalopsia

Sweet Lies + Kalopsia

Lumae+ Ayashi + Hopscotch

Skin: Alaska : 4 – Honey/The Oracle{Mid Cleavage/Freckle}, Lumae
Hair: Teona hair-fatpack, [^.^Ayashi^.^]
Eyes:Spectral Eyes – Darkstar, IKON
Clothing: Dorothea Golden Outfit, Sweet Lies
Jewelry: Nylee Brown, *~*HopScotch*~*
Extras: Slink casual hands and high feet
Decor: Well Forest, Kalopsia
Stony step stones, Sway’s
Scrub oak 1 seasonal, meadowWorks
Flying leaves brown , Kalopsia


My favourite picnic tree

Another post packed full of wonderful finds that were at Mystic Realms Faire, keep an eye out as some items are already appearing in the main stores of these designers. The center of all of these photos is the wonderful Picnic Tree set from WishBringer, beautifully detailed and packed with animations, singles and some cuddles this is a great addition to any outdoor area. All details for the outfits will be at the end of the post, I hope you enjoy





Details: on swing
Skin: Grace C88 Med 2 Br, -Belleza-
Hair: * stormy LANA *, .:EMO-tions:.
Eyes: Hope Eyes – Chocolate, IKON
Clothing: Gwen Bra Fitted Mesh – Earth, JD – hud to change or hide the fabric inserts
Give Me Love Skirt, Moss, OrsiniRed
Shoes: SQPR Slink Female – Earth, JD
Extras: Slink casual hands and flat feet

Details: lying in tree
Skin: Grace C88 Med 2 Br, -Belleza-
Hair: * LANA *, .:EMO-tions:.
Eyes: Hope Eyes – Chocolate, IKON
Clothing: Elwyn Outfit -chestnut, *GF*[Mesh]
Shoes: SQPR Slink Female – Earth, JD
Extras: Slink casual hands and flat feet

Details: leaning against tree, standing
Skin:Grace C88 Med 2 Br, -Belleza-
Hair: Thalia, TRUTH
Eyes: Hope Eyes – Chocolate, IKON
Clothing:Irmgard Ruby – includes dress, boots and a basket, *LE*
Extras: Slink casual hands

Details: leaning against the tree, sitting
Skin: Grace C88 Med 2 Br, -Belleza-
Hair: Defiler hair – Basics, ~Tableau Vivant~
Eyes: Hope Eyes – Chocolate, IKON
Clothing: Zandra Scarred Chainmail Tunic, Roawenwood
“Mirdain” Elvensmith Leggings (F) – Sand , Senzafine
Boots: Swift Boots – L :Fantasy:, [Gauze]- lots of colour options on the hud giving you an incredibly customizable pair of boots
Extras: Slink casual hands
Decor: Picnic Tree set, includes- tree, stump, swing, Wishbringer
Anemone- circle, groundcover, meadowWorks

A fiery finale

Fiery finale

With a final firey flourish the festival and faire of the Mystical Realms is drawing to a close. The portal joining the mystical and magical realm with that of the everyday world fades away, severing the connection for another year. Though we farewell this opportunity to see the creations of so many designers in one location we do not need to sink into despair, as it is rumored that from the ashes shall rise the wondrous sights that we beheld .. though this time they can be found at the home stores of their talented creators.

I am sorry to see the end of the Mystic Realms Faire, and sorrier even more that I did not accomplish my self set goal of posting about all of the wonderful items shared by the designers who sent their items to me. But my passion for fantasy has not ended just because this event ends tonight, so I shall continue on with my posts. However I will not include the MRF SLurls but recommend you check out the stores to see when they release their items.

Lumae skin + Stringer Mausoleum


Skin: Fable : Earth / Bare + Eyeliner (Dark Brow), Lumae
Hair: Seagrass – Rust Garden, The Stringer Mausoleum – also includes petite size ( Lucky board prize)
Accessories: Possessed Horns – Common 1 – Blood, The Stringer Mausoleum ( gacha item @ The Witching Hour event)
Eyes: Ascension Eyes – Scoria , IKON
Clothing: Ardent Mage: Phoenix , [Gauze]
Shoes: Blair Sandals / HIGH / Poppy (G), ESQ.
Extras: Slink casual hands and high feet
Pose and prop: At the cauldron , Picture This!
Decor: Isidoros Crepidoma ( materials), Frogstar
Scrub Oaks Double Trunk, meadowWorks

At the cauldron  , Picture This!

Make mine a fatpack

akeruka+boon sales

Now I am not one to usually buy fatpacks, even at sale times but sometimes.. just sometimes you really shouldn’t resist the lure of the fatpack. Right now there are two sales where fatpacks rule.

First up Boon, a hair store that is incredibly organized and varied. Every hairstyle ( except the very newest releases) is marked down to a super low 80L a FATPACK, not 80L a colour or colourpack but a fatpack so that’s 15 colours. While you are trying demos make sure to note if the style requires a special hairbase to create the look, it will be displayed at each end of the wall if it is. Don’t worry these are really low priced so I grabbed up almost every pack and don’t regret it at a second. This sale runs until 31st October so you have a little while to try demos and buy.

collage Akeruka, Blanca- medium

Next up is a skin sale at Akeruka with all packs reduced, basically you get the fatpack of options for a skin tone for the price of one makeup. I chose Blanca in medium tone, 16 makeup options are included on normal and cleavage skin versions. Men’s skins are also on sale though I didn’t explore how many options are included I know that I saw the sale signs visible on the walls as I peeked through at the (sexy)posters in the guys section.

Continuing with the fatpack theme  I used several of the colour options on the hud of the cute top I picked up at Ducknipple in the pictures above which show off some of the different makeup options included in the Blanca pack. Although my top is a hud option shirt you might as well call it a fatpack with so many colour choices for the top, plus optional tank top. Oh and the super cute skirt I’m wearing  that’s a recently released item at Sn@tch a place that ALWAYS sells fatpacks, just make sure you try demos first as I found that for this skirt it was better I went up a size.

To finish of this post from a fan of the fatpack I have a free item. The shoes I am wearing are a subscriber gift from Emporium, again a hud to help you choose from a range of colours. So if you wear Slink high feet and are interested in a pair of free shoes, head along to the store and slap the subscriber then tap it again to access the history and receive your free shoes.


Skin: Blanca Medium , Akeruka- special SALE offer on now
Hair: RRW202 hair black, booN – SALE on until 31st October
Eyes: Promise Eyes – Mahogany, IKON
Clothing: Affel , includes tank top, Ducknipple Mesh
Zoella Wrap Skirt (Jade), Sn@tch
Shoes:Millar Heels, EMPORIUM – FREE- subscriber gift
Extras: Slink high feet and casual hands with Polish set 140 from Flair
Poses: Rosies Secret, {NanTra}- SALE on sets and packs- 50% off until 31st October

A hauntingly beautiful bride

A Private wedding


Yet another gorgeous Wedding gown from Maai . I truly love the contrast between the body hugging satin bodice and the tiers of softly drifting lace that flow from the skirt into a full train. The matching lace veil has optional white floral pieces and I discovered a perfect match for this in this hairstyle from Boudoir.


Private wedding gown, MAAI

This gown comes with four different tops that vary in level of exposure based on transparency. As well as the shirt layer options there are LTA’s included plus Omega and Physique appliers and an option to wear it with the Mesh Project Body.


Hair by Boudoir, Glam Affair gg skin


My delicate jewelry has been available at Mystic Realms Faire , final day today. Empyrean  Forge released two sets – Nightshade (bold colour gems) and above Starlight (pastel shades). My hauntingly pale skin is the current group gift from Glam Affair.


Skin: Sia – Pearl – Dead Doll C, -Glam Affair -
Hair: Rosa salvahe hair silver/pink, Boudoir
Eyes: Promise Eyes – Wight , IKON
Clothing: Private wedding gown white, MAAI
Jewelry:Reverie Starlight Necklace, earrings and ring, Empyrean Forge
Extras: Slink casual hands and high feet
Poses: Wicca, *PosESioN*