Especially for Victoria

purple power comp

..and Valeria and anyone else who loves purple!

As soon as I saw these two dresses available I immediately thought of sharing them with Victoria as we are both passionate purple enthusiasts. The dress on the left is available for only 10L at The Monochromatic fair as a special offer from ghee. It comes with standard mesh and fit mesh options, plus a felted flower that sits on the neckline that I left off.. it wasn’t purple. The dress on the right is from Ane and I love the shine on it, you can grab it as part of this week’s Fifty Linden Friday offers.


Skin:Taylor (dark eyebr) – mocha 1, Elysium
Hair: Never, Magika
Eyes: Spectral Eyes – Darkstar, Ikon
Outfit : on left: Violet Heathered Jersey Dress, ~ghee~ (10L offer @ Monochromatic Fair)
on right: Aviv Dress , Plum, ANE ( current FLF offer)
Accessories: on left: Vintage Romance, *LODE* NB white and re-tinted ( @ L’accessoires)
right: Crush Rose Crown Purple/Black, *{Junbug}*
Shoes:on left: [ Safira Heels] Purple, :: Miss Canning ::
right: Jacmel Pump – Acai, Hucci
Extras: Slink high feet and elegant hands with Dark Spring Silver polish from {ZOZ}
Poses from : Purple Poses for women ( Monochromatic Fair dollarbie)




Dreaming of Sea-daisies

I dream

Carries lingerie has been steadily releasing lingerie and this month is no exception.. though it is a special one. This month Carries celebrates their Anniversary and there’s lots to check out in store. One of the newest releases is a lovely spring themed set called Barbara Ann, I chose a lovely soft colour called Sea-daisies. Though there are five other equally sweet patterns.

barbara ann, sea daisies

The set includes bra, panties , corset, garter, skirt and stockings, so you have a variety of different ways to wear these.

Carries, Barbara Ann

Another exciting thing about this set is  that you can also purchase co-ordinating makeup and shoes. Take a look at the picture below as each shoe actually has a hud for four options for the colour of the shoe and cute little bow.

barbara ann shoes

Skin: Skin Erin Pale Pearl Brunette Chest C, *League*
Hair: HARUKA – Chocolate, *ARGRACE*
Eyes: Lucid Eyes – Silver, IKON
Lingerie: Barbara Ann, sea daisies, Carries
Extras: Slink mouse hands with Daisy Chain Gold form {ZOZ}
Shoes: Barbara Ann, sea daisies, Carries


Strut your Sakide @ 100 Block

The Block Outfit red, Sakide

The 100Block event is happening for all of this month so you have still got a few weeks to fit in all that shopping. I know I did a little more than I intended so let me tempt you with a few pictures of the fantastic items that Sakide brings to the Block.

 Sakide 100Block, Block outfit redFirst up The Block Outfit , available in red , white or black with a mesh bodysuit , leggings and gloves. The leggings and gloves come in two options, shown above is the open option the other has a semi transparent black mesh. The outfit includes Slink applier allowing you to wear your mesh hands without losing the impact of the gloves. In this picture above I added a tousled long hair style from Tameless, I am really enjoying these mesh styles with a look of movement and the thickness that I envy in my RL super straight lightweight hair. The drop dead sexy shoes are a new release and come in a range of patterns from Miss Cannning, they’re for wearing with your Slink high feet check out some of the different options in the next pictures then head over there to pick your favourites.

collage Sakide Seksi dress

The Seksi dress is a short slip of a silk dress with daring side detail that emphasizes your curves .. no bra here ladies.. but you will have the option to wear a little black thong which is included. This dress with it’s asian inspired fabric is available in 10 different colours including this vibrant purple. Yet another Tameless new release to share the slightly less ruffled look of Kaylana is available in naturals, fantasy and fades ( shown here) packs.

collage sakide 100 block denim worker pantsThanks to the fun design of this hairstyle I dared to go topless for this shot. With braid encircled buns leading into long pigtails the Leeyah style , also from Tameless, is a fun one so I thought I would show you the colour hud from the fantasy pack. My pants are one of the denim worker pants from Sakide at The 100Block. These perfectly fit denims are rumpled and relaxed but not scruffy and a re available in four different washes including a black denim. They come with a hud allowing you to change the colour of the straps and belt ( 6 colour choices) , buttons, metal details and zipper ( 4 metallic options).

collage  Miss Canning shoes and {ZOZ} polish

I wanted to give you a closer look at these spiked heels  I have worn in all the pictures, look at that great shine to them. My nails are rocking some great polish from {ZOZ} which you can pick up from the Comic Fair.

Skin : Outfit 1 : MIA ~BlackLabel~ PA RED MEB, [PXL]
All others: MIA ~BlackLabel~ PA PEACH MEB, [PXL]
Hair: Outfit 1: Mercedes – Naturals, Tameless
Outfit 2: Kaylana – Fades, Tameless
Outfit 3; Leeyah – Fantasy, Tameless
Eyes: Utopia Eyes – Light Silver+Blue , IKON
Clothing : Outfit 1: The Block Red , [ SAKIDE ] * all at The 100 Block –
Outfit 2: Seksi Dress,[ SAKIDE ]*
Outfit 3: Denim Worker Pants , [ SAKIDE ]*
Shoes: [Dakota heels ] – red, purple and colors, :: Miss Canning ::
Extras: Slink high feet and mouse hands with Comic Polish from {ZOZ} ( @ Comic Fair –
Poses by : *PosESioN*


Princess pink

Princess pink

Now pink is admittedly not my first choice of colour that I would select to wear but there is something about this combination of shades of pink. The subtle almost washed silk look of this gown from Kastle Rock Couture ( available @ Genre) and the absolutely stunning pink diamonds and pearls in this version of the Sari set from Zuri Rayna Jewelry hits the right balance for me of girlish princessy excitement and elegant evening .. perhaps this combination has made me soften towards this colour.

Sari , Pink diamonds, pink pearls, gold- Zuri Rayna Jewelry

Skin: Ria Med 4 Br, -Belleza-
Hair: * HONEY*, .:EMO-tions:.
Eyes: Eternal Eyes – Feldgrau , IKON
Gown: Marlena Gown, pink , Kastle Rock ( @ Genre)
Jewelry: Sari -Tiara, Bracelet and Necklace – Pink diamonds, pink pearls and gold- Zuri Rayna Jewelry
Extras: Slink mouse hands with Sassy Gold Tip Polish from {ZOZ} ( @ The Cosmetics Fair- Spring edition- )
Poses : oOo Studio


snapped at home

Oops you caught me falling asleep at the camera. Between finishing photos for one post and starting another I had slumped into my favourite chair at the studio when click..caught on film. Isn’t this just the cutest relaxing at home easter underwear set.. so sweet now promise not to stare too closely at the bunny but I had to take a close up of this fun polish from Buttery Toast. Released to co-ordinate with the previous Slink compatible socks , this gradient polish gives you a choice of lovely matte colours that have a subtle gradation to mirror the matching socks.. in these pictures I’m wearing the day-to-night pair . Now keep scrolling down to find out where you can pick up the polish, the underwear.. and some great news for those who like sales!

Buttery Toast , gradient nails


Skin: Ingrid Skin ~Pure~ Natural (Brown) Matte TCF, .Birdy.
Hair: trouble clef 1b, Analog Dog ( sale on now.. look for pink vendors for reduced prices and blue vendors for slashed prices)
Eyes: Ascension Eyes – Scoria, IKON
Underwear: Geek Camisole and Panties, easter blue, Ayikis Shop ( part of hunt items at Paradisis- see previous post for more information )
Socks: Gradiant Socks – Day To Night, .:Buttery Toast.: ( includes appliers for Slink feet)
Extras: Slink medium feet and mouse hands with Gradient nails polish from .:Buttery Toast.:
Chair: Marguerite Armchair, Moonlit Lavender, Senzafine

Sing to me softly

singing for all to hear

Genre opened with trumpets blaring and a round of applause to a theme of Big Band Era. A lot of glamorous gowns feature and some fantastic slink compatible shoes. What caught my eye as soon as I walked in the door was this detailed beaded gown. The pose prop is a perfect piece for this genre so I grabbed it up and enjoyed checking out the 5 different poses built in.

sing to me

Before I close off this post I want to apologise for the slightly erratic frequency of postings at the moment. I have a lot of wonderful things to share, but my RL health has been less than ideal this last 3 weeks and it is often hard to focus on writing longer posts. So I will be trying to catch up as I start feeling better :)


Skin: Ria Med 4 Br, -Belleza-
Hair: “Elsa” (Type-A)(Amber), “”D!va””
Eyes: Eternal Eyes – Feldgrau , Ikon
Gown: Silk Beaded Gown, [FD] ( @ Genre)
Jewelry: Sarah Bracelet and Earrings Onyx /Strawberry Gold.,Zuri Rayna
Shoes: Olyvia Faux Leather Heel -Naked, -FAUN-
Extras:Slink medium feet and mouse hands with Sassy Gold Tip Polish from {ZOZ}
Pose prop: {vocals}, .mien.

Simply paradise

taking a break

There are so many hunts that are springing up around on Secondlife it can be hard to know where to start and when to stop. So I decided to take a short break mid hunt and who you what I found at the Easter egg hunt at Paradisis. Scattered around the sim, in stores and in the surrounds, each egg is free which is good cos there is a twist.. not every egg has a gift. So make sure you search everywhere you can for those little treasures.

paradisis easter hunt

Skin: Rose skin ( past FLF skin), -Belleza-
Hair: Tabita 1.2 (materials), MINA
Eyes: Horizon Eyes v2 – Pale Glass, IKON
Dress: Easter doll : Dress green , PARADISIS *
Shoes: Milady’s Slipper ,(Spring) Deviance
Accessories: Easter doll : Daisy choker, PARADISIS *
Easter doll : Basket green, PARADISIS*
Extras: Slink medium feet and mouse hands with Butterfly Spring Tips polish, -{ZOZ}-

Pictures taken at Paradisis :