Agent Provocative

For this theme all sorts of images about scantily clad spies came to mind..but then I decided to take a leap sideways into a more sci-fi arena for my inspiration. In the Japanese animated movie Appleseed there is a scene when a trio of female androids attempt to sabotage the vehicle of the heroine. Clad in tight latex suits,sleek helmets and deadly whips in hand they destroy vehicles but eventually are destroyed or destroy themselves. Though “shortlived” within the movie the image of these aggressive , provocative assassins stuck in my mind and influenced this sexy look for this week’s 50 Shades of sexy challenge.


Agent Provocative

Lingerie: Latex Teddy Mona, blue,KARU KARU  ( includes stockings)
Skin: Zoe / petal :: Pop, [:T:]
Hair: HAIRbase/ curls black,.:EMO-tions:.
Eyes: Lucid Eyes – Black, IKON
Makeup: Jade Lips: Lollipop, Oceane
Boots: Thigh Boots, ( mesh) HOC Industries ( colour change by hud, but i also retinted)
Accessories: Black Latex Opera Gloves,*SweetDreams*
DJTALL POP soundglasses – pink, [sYs] ( gacha item at The Arcade)


One thought on “Agent Provocative

  1. That is a very alluring suit to wear out of the house, i also can see how they would take their prey by just their looks alone. lovely shade of blue, may have to get a “whip” and suit myself…what fun may be had behind closed doors……

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