A challenge you say..?


I came across this blogging challenge based on meme’s , Strawberry Singh  listed 7 facts about her SL and invited other bloggers to do the same ( http://strawberrysingh.com/2013/03/11/my-seven-sl-facts-meme/).. so I thought why not ?

7 Serene Facts about Serenity

1. Serenity was , for the first 6 months or more, an alt avi who filled MM boards and lucky chairs. Over time she has come to be my main, and has the inventory to prove it. I love shopping and prefer to mix items rather than buy a “total look”. I find it really hard to delete items and prefer to wade through the folders until I have had enough and pack them into boxes.. hidden but not gone.

2. Serenity has an ever growing collection of skins , and I am not going to stop that. I love a huge range of skin creators and styles of skins BUT other than for a blog Serenity never has freckles on her face. RL I have freckles , not cute in my opinion, so  based on my mood Serenity may  be tan, pale, dark.. but never freckled. In contrast until I started blogging Serenity always had green eyes, as close to my RL ones in colour as I could find.

3. Serenity is a novice blogger, photographer and model…. if that changes it will only be through practice, reading, and talking to more knowledgeable people. I have no real life experience nor professional SL training to speak of but I  LOVE learning from experience, and am always able to look back and  laugh at my mistakes..even when they were only just made.

4. Serenity has moments of being a social butterfly but for the most she is a solitary person, friendly but preferring small groups to crowds.

5. Serenity has been married for 2 years in April , and her husband is my RL partner. When we had the wedding ceremony my son joined up SL to attend and ” give Serenity away” . After meeting through SL my partner moved “half-way across the world” so we could be together <3.

6. I love working on hunts and puzzles in SL, mazes, mysteries.. enjoyed MadPea hunts in the past and absolutely had a blast with the recent Global Domination Experience. I have a competitive streak but am a good sport about losing though I hate winning by someone “going easy on me”.

7. I still have the first “real skin” that Serenity bought, it was a gift from a dear friend. I still have the friend too 🙂

Photo Details:
Skin:Kate SK Frost, -Belleza-
Hair:smitten 1b, AD
Eyes: Horizon Eyes – Verdigris, IKON
Dress: Sequin Maze Dress/Original, RaMa RoWanberry


2 thoughts on “A challenge you say..?

  1. I still have my first real skin as well (which was also a present from a friend), it was a Starley Therian skin. I wore it for over a year, never going to delete it! Thank you so much for participating, it was great to read a little about you. ❤

    • I am loving following up all of the responses, reading posts from bloggers some who I have heard of before and admire.. and now so many new names to add to that list.

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