I never promised you a rose garden..

and yet I am wearing one ..I love roses and love this outfit from Boudoir, I just had to wait for the right moment to Bloom. When I slipped on this dewy soft skin from the lucky letter board from Mother Goose, it felt the perfect match. I had also recently picked up a gorgeous mesh rose headpiece in Vintage by Boom, at The Arcade ( soft creams and beiges) which I wanted to wear but no matter what I tried it wouldn’t load so I left my silky soft tresses courtesy of D!va bare. After adding delicate eye makeup and simple lashes, tweaking the windlight to create a soft focus , I held my breath and snapped the photo.

Rose Garden

Skin: LENE1teeth(LB)Main shopl(limited)( lucky letter board prize).::Mother Goose’s::.
Hair:Hair “Asami” (Type B)(Citrine), “”D!va””
Eyes: Utopia Eyes – Dark Silver , IKON
Makeup: Eye Shaper, ~Blacklace Beauty~
Lashes -3-,-Sorry.Asia-
Outfit: Sweet Celeste, Boudoir


One thought on “I never promised you a rose garden..

  1. I love flowers also – am allergic to roses and lilac fragrance but i do love to look at them still 🙂 One year for my birthday i got a rose framed pictures 😀 still have it today 🙂

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