Life’s not always black and white

AD in Italy_001f

Every Wednesday Angel Dessous releases the Black Box, this is a mystery item set for sale at 69L. You do not have to be in group to buy this item at this awesome low price, but there are advantages such as the free gift and a selected low price item just for group members. Anyway back to this mysterious black box.. it may contain: a casual outfit,  a dress, , lingerie.. or as you see above a gorgeous gown. Please keep in mind that you are not usually told what is in it.. but when I saw the word gown in a notice about the black box I was in-store instantly. The other important thing to remember is that the Black Box is only available on a Wednesday.. and the items are not repeated, already the items are up to 91..ooh I wonder what treat will be boxed up for next week!

Gown: Dionne gown with bolero,  Black Box 91, Angel Dessous
Skin: Mary MedTan, -Glam Affair-
Hair: Ariel w/Roots – espresso, >TRUTH<
Eyes:Utopia Eyes – Dark Brown, IKON
Makeup:Party all night/Indifference Bisque, [mock]
Eyelashes -39- Luscious *REDGRAVE*
Jade’s bigger lips: Cognac, Oceane
Mask:Black and White Pearl Mask, M.E. Fashion
Jewelry: Danielle Earrings in Lemon Lustre Pearls, Virtual Impressions

photo taken in Old Italy.


2 thoughts on “Life’s not always black and white

  1. that is gorgeous – can you tell us more about what to do to find this black box? is it hidden in the store? would love to get it before the sale ends.

    • The box is not hidden, they even have a big flashing sign pointing you in the right direction when it is available. It is in the mainstore , walk towards the “live” lingerie models and move to the left of the store. You will see the freestanding poster for joining group next to the group offers and to the right of that poster is one advertising the black box. IF it is Wednesday the black box will be placed directly in front of that poster. Sadly I think it has already been packed up for this week.

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