Uncovering my pet peeves


Picking up on another opportunity to join in a meme on Strawberry Singh’s page (   http://strawberrysingh.com/2013/04/01/my-sl-pet-peeves-meme/)  ..today I share 5 of my SL “peeves”. Hmm, I hope I can come up with 5 , generally I’m pretty easy going and hard to annoy but I will try.. here goes:

1. Gesture Spam: Yes I can admire how cute some of these gestures are , how funny and clever BUT I really dislike being in a place where there is so much gesture spam your “nearby chat” window never stops scrolling with gesture after pointless gesture.

2. People taking themselves too seriously in SL. Ok this is a bit of a tricky one. First up we all acknowledge that SL is a virtual world , people invest different amounts of time and dedication to different aspects of SL ( work/ creativity/ love/ friendships..whatever is important to them). BUT this is not meant to be an exact replication of real life , I do not want a washing machine in my SL house, I do not want to have to work to pay my SL rent. I do want to be able to change my appearance or clothes at a click of a button, I love being able to fly, to teleport and to not have to worry about parking the car is bliss. I love how different we can make our avis look , how we can express our individual choices in what we wear, and what we do.I believe everything in SL is about choice , and when people start focusing so much on what other people in SL think or do to the point that they are moody/grumpy then it’s time to take a break.

3. Similar to above is.. people with attitudes who make a big drama in their Profile and then have it written to keep your nose out of their business. If you want to keep something private don’t go and write it all down in your Public profile for everyone to read . I am a prolific profile reader , I love seeing how and what people record/share about the important things in their SL, whether they share things about their RL is neither here nor there for me.

4. SL feet.. yes the ones that your avi has naturally .. they’re so unattractive it’s no wonder there’s such a range of replacement feet available to buy. I know its not a big deal but when I look at them I can’t help but screw up my face with an eww expression.But having said that it’s not like I would ever make a fuss about seeing SL bare feet that would put me into the category from peeve 2. haha

5. hmm number 5..number 5 I need a number 5. Oh I know.. we all enjoy different aspects of SL.Whether its build, work, explore, socialise remember one thing.. whether it’s written 🙂 or smiles.. it still means the same thing so relax and instead of giving a lecture return the smile.

Skin:  Isla Suntan Natural, *League*
Hair: Princess Mesh Hair – Vanilla pudding,/Wasabi Pills/
Eyes: ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Deep Blue, IKON
Makeup:Eyelashes -39- Luscious *REDGRAVE*
Indigo Rochelle Geraldine Craves  Shoots [eye] [Lip 2], [mock]-New, given in group
Dress: Stefania Crochet Dress [multi-natural].::PiCHi::. ( at current Stuff in Stock)

One thought on “Uncovering my pet peeves

  1. Aww i love your Pet PEEVES – and I relate to all yours – one i would put in for myself along with yours is “if a person says they are partnered….dont keep asking them to “cheat behind the mans/wmans back” i hate that. i get asked to go couple dancing when i clearly state i dont couple dance with men just my hubby. other than that i am a very pretty easy going lady in sl and in rl. my personality is in my Avitar…i am like Vicky is in RL..now ot have her size…mmm that would be awesome too lol. okay this was Serenitys post not mine lol – awesome Post and i love your dress!!!!!!

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