Do you believe in Mermaids?

Ok this post is going to be very different from usual, I recently read about a new blogger challenge and am tempted to give it a go, here’s the link Now it involves writing as well as photography so if you want to read and hopefully enjoy a short story read on.. if you prefer to just check out the pictures feel free to do so and then scroll to the end to find out the details. I chose to write for the theme It’s only a fairytale.


Digging my toes into the wet sand I look out over the glimmering waves, putting on my sunglasses to combat the glare of the afternoon sun I turn away from the water. The sand becomes firmer and drier underfoot as I pass by families enjoying time together, up the beach past the old couple walking their dog, up through the dunes to stop and turn once more to look out over the bay. Sighing wistfully I sink down to a nearby bench dusting the sand from my feet as I slip on my sandals. The seagulls above make their usual harsh screeches as they seek food from the beach visitors, I turn to watch them fly away as a motorcyclist passes by in  a roar. Then I notice him, a young man slight of frame with wind tousled hair and a distraught look upon his face. Hesitating a moment I decide to approach him, “Excuse me are you ok?” I ask tentatively. He seems startled by the sound of my voice and looks at me, his  bright blue eyes staring at me as if trying to see past the dark lenses of my glasses. I drop down to the grass nearby just beyond arms reach, “Had a rough day?” I ask trying to strike up a conversation, he doesn’t appear to be physically hurt but looking in his eyes I get the feeling he is upset about something. He shuffles closer and whispers quietly ” Do you believe in Mermaids?”. I don’t know what to reply so I don’t say anything. He laughs as if uncomfortable at having spoken the words  “Mermaids, yeh like in the stories, I never used to , thought they were only in fariytales told to little kids. But I saw them, I did”. He says these last words emphatically , I’m not sure if he’s trying to convince me or himself. I look at him and say nothing waiting to see if he will say more to explain his distress.

He pointed out towards the bay and I look out to the dark glossy water lightly silvered where the sun catches the breaking waves. “Out there, out past those rocks they were. I was out in my kayak last weekend, I took a break and was just sitting there enjoying the quiet when something caught my eye. A movement, a  splash , a glimmer of light I can’t be sure what .. but then I saw her” . He grabbed my arm which surprised me , his fingers felt slightly cold against my sun warmed skin but he wasn’t hurting me so I let him be as he continued his ramblings. “She was beautiful, her skin translucent covered with shining scales , iridescent , they sparkled as the sun shone down through the water upon her slender body. She twisted and turned her arms outstretched towards me, her eyes a magical silvery shade pleading with me, I leaned closer and her lips parted , she seemed to be saying something. I could not understand the sounds she made but then suddenly my mind was flooded with images as she sang to me. Sunlight , joy, warmth, happiness , laughter a myriad of feelings and images flashed through my mind as I watched this beautiful being sway in the water beside me.” I caught my breath amazed at his passionate description, what a story teller this young man was, I was enthralled to hear what would happen next…. what could possibly happen next ?

mermaid 1_001

He continued speaking softly “I was entranced by her beauty and her music, when she suddenly paused, she seemed to be looking beyond me , I turned and there on the other side of my kayak was another mermaid. I began shaking I thought I must be delirious from the heat, I grabbed my bottle of water drank deeply and then splashed some down over my head and shoulders. Wiping the water from my face I looked again the mermaid was gone.. I shook my head.. it must have been a hallucination, mermaids are things from fairytales I told myself as I turned to pick up my paddle, then the music began again. But this time it was a different voice , richer, deeper , I looked and there was the second mermaid just surfacing, her hair a stream of scarlet tendrils clinging to her torso. Wearing only a delicate gold decoration  that echoed the golden shade of her eyes , her voluptuous figure was almost naked as she twisted and swayed in the warm water. Images filled my mind once more but this time they were of heat, of passion , of velvet rich deep colours , warmth seemed to flow through my body as I leaned closer to this temptress” .

mermaid 1_004

I sighed, a  soft exhalation of breath that I hadn’t even realized I was holding, “What happened next ? I prompted him. “The music changed again” he explained,” this time both mermaids were singing their songs as they stretched their arms towards me , one on either side of my kayak , as they implored me to join them. I looked first at one then the other, then I closed my eyes and pictured them both, knowing I would choose one when I opened my eyes. I felt their images teasing at my mind, my body moved almost without my awareness I opened my eyes as I leaned towards my choice my arms outstretched to be welcomed into her embrace”

“Which one did you choose? What happened? But you’re here.. what happened?” my words rushed together in a hurry . The young man looked at me , staring into my face for a moment then turned towards the water once more. I waited. “I lost them, I lost her” he said quietly. ” Just as I my hand slipped into hers a boat came racing towards me sending my kayak rocking and the mermaids disappeared under the waves. I’ve been searching for her since then but I’ve not found her. I’m haunted by her eyes day and night .. but I’ve lost her”. The sound of sadness in his voice was undeniable . As he went to stand I reached for him, his hand grasped mine and he pulled me up to stand beside him, both of us turned to look out to the sea. “Was it just a dream, was she real or just my mind bringing to life a fairytale.. I guess I will never know” he said as he dropped my hand and turned to go.

“Wait”  and as I turned from the view over the bay I lowered my sunglasses turning my silvery gaze to meet his intensely blue eyes without a word he pulled me into his arms.


Now I can not take credit for these stunning photos, they are the creation of my friend Greg Slocombe . Both mermaid looks were inspired by a trip to the Fantasy Gacha Fair… yes fantasy + gacha the perfect place for me ! Here’s a slurl so you can go check it out for yourself :

Below a couple more of Greg’s pictures with some brief details about styling.

mermaid 1_002

Mermaid : “Erielle” rainbow ( rare)- deviousMind (Fantasy Gacha Fair), Starfish pasties ( turquoise sea) deviousMind (Fantasy Gacha Fair), skin is an old group gift from Oceane’s , eyes from Ikon, hair is a past hunt gift from Rue .

mermaid 1_003

Mermaid: “Erielle” red rose (rare)- deviousMind (Fantasy Gacha Fair), Top from Altea Jewels , amber -Luas (Fantasy Gacha Fair)   skin is a previous Lazy Sunday offer from Plastik- Astrali Skin[Basic]:// Asaia Teal- Opaline, eyes from Ikon, hair is Sunburst fantasy, red from EMO-tions.


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