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I have been keeping a look out for opportunities to pick up shoes and accessories from the {{BSD}} range as they are custom made and always interesting. I missed the chance to join the group when it first set up and then found it had a fee to join which put me off, as I always end up having the difficult choice of what group to leave when I need a new space. By chance a group space became available at the same time I saw a notice saying that {{BSD}} group is free to join for a short time. I raced over and joined up quick, picking up July’s group gift of these stylish shoes in dark grey and black. I thought at first the fee was dropped for only 24 hours but since then have seen it as being “for this week”. I’m not 100% sure when that week will end so if you want to make the most of this chance I suggest you grab the slurl and sign up to get some great free gifts each month. {{BSD}} shoes are regularly released and at many sales events, however there is also a rewards system for shopping at the main store .Plus there are random monthly giveaways of shoe packs and store credit for group members. Surely you don’t need any further reason.. you might ? well I suggest you head to one of the stores and check out the range of these unique and beautiful shoes. There is a special display at the mainstore of shoes , bags and hats on sale for a tiny 55L thanks to the 55L Thursday offers still being available.

Shoe:Less is more grey croco,{{BSD Design studio}}– group free to join short time offer
Skin:Shasira Coffee Special Summer TDR 2, SWALLOW (@ current TDR)
Hair:* MELODY*/black, .:EMO-tions:. ( 99L sale on this weekend only)
Eyes:Utopia Eyes – Dark Brown , IKON
Makeup:Eyelashes -39- Luscious *REDGRAVE*
Jade’s bigger lips: Cognac, Oceane’s ( outlet retirement sale still on)
Dress:Nin Dress -Circle, [NV]- free gift (@ The Black Fair)
Pose Prop: Cube, oOo

Slurl to {{BSD}} mainstore:


2 thoughts on “Step to it

  1. Hmm I joined and am glad it was free šŸ™‚ i am having trouble with the left shoe not showing the top of the shoe it disappears from top when i cam away a bit. to have it show i need to just about sitting on it lol. will figure out the ADVANCE setting that lets you cam farther away and it wont disappear…. (tried the CTRL ALT SHIFT S but it didnt work. šŸ˜¦

  2. Hi Vicky, I sent you the {{BSD}} notecard about this issue, this is obviously something that does happen with shoes. For anyone else who may have lost this information I will copy paste the steps to fix it here. This is copy pasted from the same notecard enclosed with some of their shoes: Do you feel frustrated when you can’t see the detail of your item from far?
    maybe it is your camera setting can’t support to render small detailed mesh. such as hair/ jewel/ and shoes.. with fine details.

    First, here’s a solution
    on top menu, go to ‘ Advanced’ (Press Ctrl+Alt+D if you don’t see it) and then click ‘Show Debug Settings’
    In the window that opens, type:
    Change the setting to 4 & close

    if you have camera restraints disabled (meaning you can cam out much further than normal), you may want to bump this setting up to 8

    Now the sculpts will look good from distance.

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