Women of Fantasy : Fire and Ice

Turning up the heat to begin..

Outwardly she appears calm but on looking closer one might notice the intricate details upon her skin the flames that appeared to move , to dance and sway independent of her movements. Looking into her eyes is mesmerizing , on doing so an individual would feel an unexplained surge of heat to their core.. appearing to never  blink her stare seems to intensify that heat. One gazing into them for any length of time couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable. Were you to stray too close your skin would start to feel the same heat you observe in her eyes.. but this time the discomfort would be a physical sensation. This being radiates heat from her flame coloured wings to the pointed tips of her nails.. be wary of her smile it’s usually a sign that you are about to become a pile of ash as she sends a burst of flames in your direction with a mere wave of her graceful hand.

hotter than_002

This outfit consists of the Fire version of the Crow Gown from the Fantasy Gacha Fair, I added the Ascent Warrior Wings ( perhaps meant for men) but I grabbed a couple pairs since I think women deserve strong wings and not just cute little fairy wings.. especially when heading into battle. The sleeves  are from Little Tasta, though they are the red pack I ended up tinting them a darker red for this picture. For me the real catalyst is the Forest Witch skin from The Stringer Mausoleum. These items were all purchased at the fair, scroll to the end of the post to see the details for other items worn.


hotter than_001

Now onto colder climes..

She moved stealthily and those she hunted never knew she was there. Appearing to travel aimlessly she passed by many people without being noticed , or if her presence was commented upon it was her pallor and brilliant blue eyes but this was soon forgotten much like the passing of a spring breeze. And in that way she discovered her prey.Again and again she would send out a soft stream of air, questing , searching, drifting ahead, beyond her sight and at some point it would hone in on an individual. It would sense their evil , their wrongdoing , their rage and their next breath would be their last. As the cool air entered their lungs it would freeze them , effectively entombing their organs and body in an invisible cocoon of ice.




I was thrilled to receive this Junbug gown as one of my gacha prizes, it looks so stunning , the tiny row of buttons down the back, high neckline, sleeve detail and long sweeping skirt.. gorgeous. This Queen’s Gown in Sea Blue here, is one of the rare items as you can also get ruff collars of various colours that look super with this gown. However I opted to wear something more fierce , again an item marketed for men, The Hunter pieces look fantastic , I was lucky enough to get my pick at first try , I would have been happy to collect a couple but the lindens were starting to run low by then. I did however manage to pick up some gorgeous eyes from la petite morte, see the close up below.


I love the possibilities of exploring fantasy in SL, be it through role play, environment or fashion. So of course I have been a regular at checking out the Fantasy Gacha Fair… c’mon gachas and fantasy it’s like it had big blinking lights all over it saying ..Serenity get here now! So of course I went.. and shopped and shopped some more. I must admit to have been disappointed when lag resulted in some of my items not being delivered but as they are transfer , no -copy items I have just accepted that that’s the way it goes. However I think it may have been wise to enact some script limitations on the visitors as I saw several people with meters and obviously heavily scripted outfits. Of course that would be part and parcel of attracting a Fantasy focussed crowd , however we went to shop not to fight . We went to look at the gachas and prizes not someone else impressive sword, outfit or fluttering banner. It did detract from the enjoyment for me and others, I heard several complaints over lag and failed deliveries.. but of course it didn’t stop the shopping so .. check out the details, the slurl and have fun !
Details: – items marked  @FGF were purchased at the Fantasy Fair Gacha , which is open until 31st October

Skin: Forest Witch Skin – Uncommon 5 – Darker Tone/Fire Makeup, *TSM* @FGF
Hair: Say my Name,Glampack, Vanity Hair – new
Eyes: Utopia Eyes – Dark Red , IKON
Gown:Crow Gown [Fire], BP @FGF
Accessories:Warrior Wings Red/Gold !RARE! 01 (Feathers Outwards), [Ascent]  @FGF
Sleeve  Red 5 , [Little Tasta] @FGF
Extra: Slink nails worn with dark flame polish from [mock]

Skin: Lucy – Snow – 02 H, Glam Affair ( @ TDR Fusion)
Hair:Addicted-Silver, Vanity Hair
Eyes: intensity eyes-summer night, .la petite morte @FGF
Gown:  The Queen Gown in Sea Blue S (RARE), *{Junbug}* @FGF
Accessories: The Hunter – Polar, PFC @FGF
Extra: Slink nails worn with polish set 140, from Flair
Eyelashes -39- Luscious *REDGRAVE*


Slurl to the Fantasy Gacha Fair: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Acerbus%20Silva/100/58/24


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