earthstones hunt

Earthstones is a well established store, I remember visiting it when I was just starting in SL and being impressed with the natural beauty captured in the stones used. What I hadn’t realised is just how big that store is! There is a hunt being held on the Earthbound sim, includes stores, grounds, but not the sky or cove. 30 small sacks, some male-blue, female-orange , unisex-green, each ranges in price from 0-99L. Now you might think great a nice simple hunt .. not at all, I found about a third of the total before giving up. The value far exceeds the price you pay but here’s the trick to these treats.. you don’t know what is in the sack until you unpack it. I must admit I ended up with one thing I know I will not wear due to my own personal taste ( I don’t like nose rings.. I can’t look at one without thinking of the bulls and pigs on the farm with similar adornments hehe). But otherwise I am very pleased with my treats. Take a look below at the close up.. such delicate beautiful earrings and yet they make an impact.

earthstones closeup

Skin:Amaterasu *lait* brunette RARE, Essences
Hair:hair 003 . wood3, eep
Eyes: Perspective Eyes – Grey , IKON
Makeup:”Falsies” Eyelashes,MC
Jewelry: Ariel Earrings, EarthStones
Top: Satin Top /sky, Ricielli Mesh ( @ TDR Fusion)


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