Let’s do tea

It has been a rough month for me , in real life my mother has been very well and has spent most of that time in hospital. After going in for one health concern she has ended up needing dialysis for the last few days. We are not sure if this will be a permanent situation or if as he her health improves and she has a more healthier routine it may re-balance . Really we don’t know her health situation so we are taking each day as it comes. As you would expect this has meant I have been less in SL over this time and less focussed, I have tried to keep posting regularly but have had a few quiet times especially over the last week when my mother was in ICU.

Whilst seeking inspiration I started exploring and came across a beautiful tea house so rather than sharing any more.. I will leave you with the pictures and details. The tea room itself is inviting but its the surrounding garden that provided me with the peaceful setting I sought. Tea is such a soothing drink, whatever your favourite brew be it green or black it is as much the rituals surrounding this refreshment as the drink itself that provides comfort at times of emotional stress.

tea party_005

tea party_004

tea party_001

Skin:Anais – August – Black Brows – Big Cleavage, Glance Skins
Hair:Mesh Gaia ,^;^CaTwA^;^
Eyes: Lucid Eyes – Black, IKON
Makeup:”Falsies” Eyelashes, MC
Luscious Lips Tattoo Layer Passionate Red 8, Oceane
Dress: Baggy Backless Tee (pitch), *BOOM*
Boots:kagaya boots[S]skin, r2 A/D/E
Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tuli/142/250/33


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