Mixing up some magic

As I stopped in at the Fallen Gods to join in some of the Anniversary celebrations, I realized there was a lot more to this sim than the fantastic store. So when I got dressed up in a fantastically dramatic look I decided it was time to explore this place further.

mixed magic


My outfit was created of two recent gifts from Purple Moon Creations, the main part of the fitted suit was their gift for reaching a milestone group number ( 22,000) and the dramatic collar and jacket layering is from the gown that was released as a group gift just ahead of Halloween. I chose a dramatic long flowing hairstyle from Emotions and in the top picture added a jewelry veil from a now closed store. The luscious lipstick is from Oceane’s and although I am not sure if there is an inworld store, there are some items still available on Marketplace.

mixed magic close

This beautiful skin is one of the regulars I pull out from Glance and although I don’t usually go for a cleavage skin it really added extra oomph to this picture 😉

I had to smooth a few edges with the poses I chose but other than that relied upon windlight setting and the beautiful environment of the Fallen Gods . From now on I am going to make more of an effort to see the surroundings of the store not just the wonderful creations inside the walls.


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