Oh Gigi..

Gigi christmas edit

The famous Carries 12 days of Christmas countdown has begun! First up was a gorgeous ruby red edition of Juwella and at first sight I knew Carrie was going to be unveiling a showstopping collection. As day 2 dawned she did not disappoint with Gigi. What appears to be a gorgeous gown is actually that and so much more. Take a look at the collection of pictures below.

collage Gigi gold

The Gigi comprises of panties and bra ( plus LTA) , stockings and gloves, corset on jacket layer which when paired with the glitch pants forms the basis for the dreamy drifty gown, add the sleeve layers to the gloves and the look is complete ..simply gorgeous for dancing in. However you can remove items and mix and match creating a mini dress with flirty lace skirt, or uncover down to the lace trimmed lingerie. To complete the look Carrie has included matching shoes and a beautiful make up too.

I chose this gorgeous gold but it was a difficult choice as Gigi has been released in 6 beautiful colours. But I haven’t got to the best part.. the discounts! As part of the Twelve Days of Christmas Carrie has opened up the VIP area for anyone to tp up to. You enter a hallway and day by day a door will be opened offering you a new selection. On the day it is released an outfit is set to 50% off for VIP members so this may be the extra motivation to join this wonderful group. Just remember to wear those VIP tags to make the most of that super discount. If you do not have a VIP tag you will need to pay the higher of the two prices.. but when you look at all of the items you receive, I’m sure you will appreciate the value for money .Now before I forget I must mention there is also a Santa seat so climb onto his lap and whisper in his ear all your secrets for the year.. he will decide are you naughty or nice  .. and.. well I won’t spoil the surprise head over to the store and see what Santa ..and Carrie has in store for you!

Lingerie: GiGi , gold, CB ( includes, bra with lta, corset, panties, stocking, mini skirt, gown, glitch pants, sleeves, gloves, make up, shoes).
Skin: Ebony Nat Pale CL, .::WoW Skins::.
Hair: * MARESOL*/darkbrown,  .:EMO-tions:.  ( tinted the hair attachment gold)
Eyes: Destiny Eyes – Hazel , IKON
Makeup: “Falsies” Eyelashes, *MC*
Makeup layer included with Gigi
Jewelry: Delia complete set ( only choker and earrings worn), Lazuri
Pose prop: Snow Cardinals, *updated*, W.Winx/Flair  ( @ My Attic) ( modded slightly)
Couple poses:  Bitten, Glitterati ( store now closed)
As One, {exposeur}

Gigi christmas_003

* A special Thank you to my friend Blankmee for stepping up to help me with these photos.


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