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collage Flair sale

Just a short post about something already classed as an essential in my makeup drawer (inventory) beautiful nailpolish designed to be worn with Slink nails ( either as part of the slink mesh feet and hands or for the nails that can be worn with your default avi hands). With a click of a hud you can select the length of nail and pull out your polish choice and with another quick click and your manicure is complete.  There are a few designers branching out into these appliers and I am always excited to try out a new – to me designer.  Not too long ago I “uncovered” Flair at My Attic and was thrilled at the apparent sheen to these nails and the fun range of styles. When I saw a notice that there is a sale at Flair.. 50% off , I raced over to grab up a few more . In each pack you get the hud for the polish for hands and feet, and a texture to remind you what polish it is.. sounds a simple feature to include, but it makes a huge difference when your nail polish collection starts to grow.

Other  details for the pictures above showing a few of the Flair nailpolishes  are: Isla in Suntan, from League, Ladonna in nutmeg ( free) from Analog Dog.  Perspective Eyes grey from Ikon , Slink elegant hands and natural barefeet, and a cute dress Vimea , blue dots (@ TDR Fusion) from Baiastice. Poses are the Iced redux set from Exposeur.

Slurl to Flair : 50% off sale until 28th November

PS I hit the subscriber while in-store and received another polish as a gift.


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