Travelling a new road

no yellow brick road needed

Why follow the “yellow brick road” ? Set off on your own new adventure, branch out and try a new route and enjoy the journey as well as the arrival at your destination. So often we get into a rut in our lives, doing the same old thing over and over and we wonder why we are bored. Real life has so many restrictions and commitments on our time.. but when we log into SL the weight should be lifted. Be as free as a bird , wander the world and open your eyes to the wonder that has been created in this virtual world.

collage BP5

One of my favourite things to do in SL is to find ” new to me ” stores and this round of The Boobies Planet has really opened my eyes to such a range of  body enhancement friendly clothing. I often have a slender shape for my avi as it is easier for fitting clothing and accessories , especially important for participating in runway shows. But I have now discovered and embraced my SL curves! So thank you The Boobies Planet.

Skin: Imogen Skin Peaches~ Peaches & Cream (Brown), .Birdy.
Hair:  Amelie Mesh Hair – (BOOBS) – Crystal pink, /Wasabi Pills/
Eyes: Horizon Eyes v2 – Dark Antique, IKON
Bodysuit: BodySuit Pink Roses, *Sweet Sugar* ( @ The Boobies Planet)
Skirt: Sunny Tutu (Peach) :::Sn@tch :::
Boots: Bossy Boots – Floral Black + Pink, (fd)
Extras: Lush breasts

Slurl to get you to The Boobies Planet :


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