Merry Christmas

christmas 13

Whichever hemisphere you live in Christmas celebrations are now well underway. Whether you personally celebrate Christmas, another celebration , or choose not to celebrate any, I still believe this can be a time of year to recognize the importance of the people in your life. So this is a brief post thanking you all who visit my Blog. I have thoroughly enjoyed this year and have learned so much within SL , through reading other peoples writing and through trying new things. I wish you all  a safe and happy end to 2013, though I will be posting more before then, I do know that this is a time when we spend more time with loved ones and less time reading blogs so I want to jam pack this message with love and best wishes to you all.

The outfit I chose to wear is a lovely coat and hat from Boudoir, it is worn with a lovely red thong but I also added a short white skirt from Sakide just for this photos. The boots are one of my favourite ones from Hucci, and the hair a cute short style from Vanity Hair. But the skin.. oh this lovely pale skin with gorgeous red lips is one I must show you a little closer.

PXL close up

PXL released this Mia black label in a small series of makeup choices at a significantly reduced price. I was so drawn to this pale skin I have bought several different versions and was thrilled to recieve yet another pale one as the PXL VIP gift this month. Now there is a joining fee to be in the PXL VIP group, but it gives you access to the VIP room where the gift is and there are occasionally discounts and special offers just for VIPs.

Other mentions, my eyes are from IKON, lashes from Mon Cheri and the background is from one of KaTink’s latest releases Imaginaria Pack  3. These backgrounds are gorgeous , I am definitely going to go and explore this sim myself to enjoy what has been captured here.

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