Slave to SeXXX


Waiting patiently is hard to do , even harder when you are excited. SeXXX Sells is just days away now (17th January) The sinfully sexy designers are stocking the event and sending out their hottest samples to bloggers.. intensifying our desires to fever pitch.So either tie me down( or up) or step out of the way .. because when that day comes I am going to be stripping my scripts and shopping til I drop.

collage sexxx slave

Two exclusive ( or is that SeXXXclusive ) items feature in the pictures above. First of all a delicate set of silks, includes appliers for tangos and phat azz, in a soft almost translucent blue that is sure to please with its narrow criss-crossing bands and brief skirt it covers what it needs to and tempts the viewer to claim what is hidden. The pole in the picture is packed with possibilities , poses and animations have been carefully chosen to allow the Dom or Domme to restrain, reprimand, explore or comfort their slave or submissive. The menu is varied and easy to navigate with clearly identifiable sections including one for sex. There are items offered as needed such as the cuffs worn above.

Remember my posts are but a small sampling of what will be available once the event is open, and as you can see by what I’ve shown so far the range of items is extensive from clothing , accessories, tattoos through to furniture and props. Maybe not everything will appeal to you but I can assure you.. if you enjoy sex, feeling sexy and looking sexy .. this event is going to be an experience you will not soon forget. Plus you will have all your wonderful shopping to take home and enjoy for hours..days..weeks.. months to come!

Skin: JADE OL Bare Lips MEB C2, [PXL]
Hair: Calm, Magika
Eyes: Utopia Eyes – Dark Silver, IKON
Outfit:Sabine Silks  – ApproachingNight, Ravnous ( coming soon to SeXXX  Sells Event)
Extras: Lush breasts
Slink natural feet and Slink nails
Furniture: pole (Dom/me), Savoir Vivre ( coming soon to SeXXX  Sells Event)

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