Buy a letter ..or sn@tch a deal

sn@tch skirt

Surely everyone in SL who likes to shop a bargain has been shopping at Sn@tch before. This store specializes in a steady trickle of new releases each week. Most , but not all , new releases are mesh but that doesn’t mean all pre-mesh clothing has vanished. Each item is sold in packs , so for mesh do try a demo to make sure you get the right size, then you buy that size and end up with several colour variations of one item.. so for example the skirt above has 8 different colours for the insert within the black skirt. But something even better about this skirt than the fact that it is in a fatpack.. is it’s also one of this weeks riot vendors at Sn@tch. This means that when the room fills up with people , which happens frequently, the price drops.. when I stopped in tonight I was able to pick up this skirt pack for 50L.And because it was on the riot vendor it actually includes the full range of standard mesh sizes.

sn@tch urban warrior

The jacket and boots in the first outfit are actually part of the second outfit.. which is another great way to get a bargain at Sn@tch this week. Well more than a bargain as it was FREE on the lucky letter boards. This outfit is actually one of the previous Fishing outfits . If you don’t know what this is about make sure you stop in at Sn@tch to see this in action. In the same room as the riot vendors and lucky letter boards is a large seating area surrounding an indoor pool, this utilizes the 7seas fishing system but also includes the local prize of parts of a multi item outfit. Remember this outfit above WAS a fishing outfit but is now available through the lucky letter boards, which means you can stop to try your luck at all three ( fishing rods are available to buy through a 7seas system vendor in the same room).

Skin: Jarla Exclusive My Attic B brown Nordic, DeeTaleZ ( @ My Attic)- special price
Hair: * VIOLET*/flames, .:EMO-tions:. ( @ My Attic)- special price
Eyes: Eternal Eyes – Blizzard, IKON
Outfit: Urban Warrior, Sn@tch ( includes 3 tops, shorts with cuffs , tights and boots) Free on lucky letter board
Riot Mini (Aqua), Sn@tch

SLurl : Sn@tch

My Attic :

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