Private Dancer

Another SeXXX Sells post ..this time covering a range of items from clothing.. to furniture .. to something even more personal- so if you scroll low enough you will find me topless.. but only for a very good reason !

Private dancer

I had the pleasure of meeting up with my friend Greg to take these pictures, I really wanted to get the best lighting and angle to show off all of the wonderful features of these items from SeXXX Sells.

First up the Tease stage is so appropriately named.. but it was a challenge to capture a picture because the animations are so..animated. You move gracefully, sensually and sinfully across this hot little stage. Props like a small chair are rezzed as needed.. and I can’t really say anything more than go try this out for yourself.. if you love putting on a show  you NEED this stage.

The latex tassles and shoes are from the same designer so make sure you add BowChicka to your stopping and shopping list. The shoes are for Slink high feet and both of these sexy items are easy to slip on ..or off. And those teeny tiny panties .. with a sliding zip you know they’re not staying on long.

Before I drop on the most up close picture of my SL breasts I want to give you some information about the nipples. I was wearing my lush breasts for this photo so added the applier for the Callisto nipples and gorgeous . They are easy to adjust via hud and with some super options ..adjusting the nipple size and aerola, the tint, how erect your nipples are and if you want piercings added. Another feature is that of lactating, with matching animations your nipples can drip, leak or squirt milk (particles). I am continually surprised by how real SL items become .. fantastic features and sexy item what’s not to love!

Lotus Callisto nipples

I have a small confession, I got distracted and forgot to record the other details for this picture.. sorry everyone.

SeXXX Sells Items:
Atame Shoes , red/silver , BowChicka
Titillicious Tassles, latex, colour scripted, BowChicka
Trinity Zipped Panties Lite pink, includes Azz appliers, Dress2Kill
Stage of tease, (bean)
Nipples,Callisto Edition, Lotus ( available for standard SL and mesh breasts)

However I will include the  updated SLurl to SeXXX Sells so you can head over before the event closes up at the end of the month;



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