Ready to ride

Explicite bike

The SeXXX Sells event is in it’s final days but I’m determined to post a few more pictures.. who knows maybe you will be tempted to return and pick up one or two extra treats.

I packed a bag and jumped on my bike to head over to my friend Greg’s place for some photos. Ok well he tped me and I pulled this hot little number out of my inventory.. the bike I mean. Brought to you as a SeXXX Sells Exclusive from eXplicite the HotBoy Savage Fantasy bike has features enough to keep anyone busy . We perused the menus.. of which there is many and settled on a couple poses that illustrate the erotic heat of this bike..whilst still keeping our clothes on. Yes I know ..where’s the fun in that?? But had to keep it bloggable.

collage bike SeXXX Sells

In the first picture , editted beautifully by Greg Slocombe, I’m wearing a hot little number from RSC.  The string me along bodysuit in blue with matching boots and a sexy cropped leather jacket to match are all available at SeXXX Sells. In the lower picture I went for a more biker chick look with a top from Sakide and pants from Yasum ( not connected to the event).. and yes those are gorgeous Gos shoes shoes hooked over Greg’s shoulders 😉

SLurl to SeXXX Sells:

I also should mention that as well as the fantastic shopping opportunities at this event there has been a raft of wonderful events organised so a huge round of applause to Siren Productions and all of the designers involved.

I am going to stick in one other SLurl here.. for the Erotic art exhibit that is part of this event.. in other words head there soon before it’s gone too.



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