Shopping free-style

free items galore

I love shopping , I love discovering new places and returning to old favourites. I love a good sale or  even better a great group gift! This picture boasts no less than 4 free items that you can get for no cost whatsoever. There a couple of other items that I have received as group gifts after paying to join a group, more details below.. but I’m sure you will agree if you can afford to pay to join either or both of the groups mentioned the fee is well worth it and the items are just too cute not to include.

Through the Blacklace lingerie group notices I discovered that there was to be gifts given away at the opening of a new club. Heading over for the lingerie gift I discovered you have to join the group for Club 108 ( free) and if you have the group space it’s well worth it for these gifts. Designers include: Blacklace -Lingerie and Beauty, Belleza, Cynful, Muka, HolliPocket, Milk, Barely Legal, Purple Poses, CnS e-motion.. to name a few..

collage free style

Continuing on the theme of free gifts I added the bright bag from Opal and the sugary sweet nails from Kawaii.. both hunt items in The Stupid Cupid Hunt 2, that opens tomorrow. As mentioned I added a couple of other recent group gifts from pay to join groups -Finesmith with the lovely purple Rita ring and the fun  Xondra gladiator sandals that are a group gift from [Co57].

Skin:  C108 Gift Skin, -Belleza-  ( free group gift  @ Club 108)
Hair: Elsa, ^;^CaTwA^;^
Eyes: Utopia Eyes – Dark Brown , IKON
Dress: Sexy Back Dress , [Cynful] ( free group gift  @ Club 108)
Jewelry:  Curved Earrings, _CD_ ( free group gift  @ Club 108)
Rita RING silverpurple, FINESMITH
Accessories: Tokyo Cherry Blossom ( bag), Opal- has 2 bags with diff holding animations ( from The Stupid Cupid Hunt 2 )
Shoes: Xondra Gladiator  Electro,  [Co57] ( group gift- fee to join)
Extras: Slink medium feet and nails with polish on fingers- Stupid Cupid Nails ( 3 patterns on hud) ~ Kawaii~ ( from The Stupid Cupid Hunt 2 )

SLurl to Club 108: – I will be looking forward to returning to see this club in action once the opening buzz has died down..along with the lag. Pick your times and dress in low script form to try and grab these gifts while they’re available . So far I have heard no mention of how long this might be.

Link to The Stupid Cupid Hunt  2 hints page : – Starts 1st February


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