Don’t shut me in

Boxed in

Love is definitely in the air at the moment. Pink and red coloured items and clothing are flooding the grid with passion. But that doesn’t mean other colours should be ignored. Take for example this sexy black bodysuit from Lushish Catz ( @ The Boobies Planet). Primarily a deep glossy black it uses cut outs and red detailing to create a strong look that’s not to be ignored. In the set the  bodysuit comes on several layers, multiple appliers included along with the shoes , gloves and stockings. I must admit that I struggled to get the stockings looking just right as there seemed to be a seam at the ankle, not sure what I was layering wrong to create I decided to wear the shoes without the stockings. ( NOTE: Since the posting of this Kayshla, the very considerate owner of Lushish Catz , has clarified the system of the stockings as they are ready for those who also wear Phat Azz / Cute Azz.. see her feedback in the comments section below. Thank you Kayshla. )

too much love not enough space

I added several  dark silvery  items from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, the wings, halo and necklace are all some of the treasures I collected, see details below for maker information and a SLurl.

set love free

Both of the props I have used are from {exposeur} the poses and hearts are from a set called Little Hearts, whilst I modded / removed some features from The Dressing Room Shadowbox.

The Boobies Planet has just opened a new round as you can see the the clothing and skin I am wearing there is a lot to tempt you in and at such great discounts ( items range from 40-80L)I am sure that you will have no problem falling in love over and over again. SLurl:

Skin: Freya Tan C, :.::Hot Stuff::.:( @ The Boobies Planet)
Hair: Gaia, ^;^CaTwA^;^
Eyes: Lucid Eyes – Black , IKON
Outfit: Love lingerie, Lushish Catz ( @ The Boobies Planet)
Makeup:Jade black lips, Oceane’s
Jewelry: Sheridan Necklace – Off Kilter – Silver, [LH] ( @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Accessories: normal halo silver, May’s Soul  ( @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
SteampunkWingDown Silver, Una ( @ The Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Extras: Lush breasts
Slink Avatar Enhancement Fingernails with Industrial polish from Bliensen + MaiTai
Pose props: Little Hearts, {.:exposeur:.}
Shadow Box: The Dressing room, {exposeur}


3 thoughts on “Don’t shut me in

  1. Thank you beautiful photos. As for the stockings the extra layer is for Women that wear appliers such as Phat or Cute Azz. This extra layer will make the stocking seamless. I am going to update the stockings now and write the information next to each layer so buyers will know which to wear with out appliers and which to wear with. ♥

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