Step up and give a hand

photo assist trial cam1_007

Sometimes I am almost speechless with the creativity and beauty of designers . I recently went to a special event , The Surreal Complex ( more info on the Seraphim page here.. I picked out these gorgeous slink compatible handspikes ( footwear)  in a lovely shade of platinum ( other colours available). The other component of this shot is a gorgeous set from Finesmith.

collage ieQED/ finesmith

Finesmith is an amazing store, the designer Yula Finesmith, has big changes planned and has been having an enormous sale . Everything ( jewelery and clothing) has been reduced to 100L , there is a limited number of pieces of each item AND the sale ends at midnight tonight so don’t delay .


Main details: Modern Eve, Finesmith and hand.spike.platinum. by ieQED.

Other details: Ria skin from Belleza, eyes from IKON, hair from Eaters Coma.

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