Adrift in a sea of blue


When the world seems awash in a sea of love, of roses pink and red, of candy and chocolate hearts. When everywhere you turn you see couples embracing , liplocked or hands entwined.

That’s when the distance across the sea to a loved one can feel so vast. The longing to touch, to embrace to sink into the depths of your loved ones eyes as you feel the warmth of their love surround you. Then the world seems painted in shades of grey and blue,a cold pounding surf rising higher and higher, a chill wind buffeting us to and fro as the clouds of sadness gather.


The temptation to wallow is great, to moan and wail , to sink into pity and woe at being separated from our other half. Pausing amongst the turmoil, raising face and limbs to the heavens pleading for one moment , one embrace, one kiss, one lifetime…accessorised

Take hope though for although the pummeling of the surf wears down the mightiest of rocks it also polishes shells and stones before depositing them gently on the shore. For though the wind and clouds bring cold they also bring sweet rain to nourish and sustain, washing away the salty tang of tears . Though you may feel the pang of loneliness through missing someone afar, love is not restricted to those we can physically embrace so until that time you can hold each other close hold onto the sensations , the wonderful and the sad, for all remind you that you are alive and have the chance to cherish and strengthen your love. Until the day you can be together.. to be one of those many lucky in love couples who dance in the rain, laugh at the waves and kiss through the storms.


Two key items in the look that inspired this post , the Sea glass mask and the beautiful Amorette necklace are both available at this round of L’accessoires. This is an extra special round as gachas take over and you have the chance to gather some wonderful items for yourself, or transfer gifts for friends and loved ones.


Details: items marked with * are from L’accessoires
Skin:Cassiopea – America 12 BL, -Glam Affair –
Hair: Alyssa, .:{Rumina}
Eyes: Promise Eyes – Aqua, IKON
Mask: Sea Glass Mask, no. 7  *
Jewelry: Amorette in Seablue, Zibska *
Lingerie: Aradia – baby, lower only worn, CB
Extras: Slink flat hands with waves polish from [mock] past group gift
Poses : from the Adrienne  and chilly sets, oOo studio





One thought on “Adrift in a sea of blue

  1. I know how that feels all too well….waiting on 4 years to see my luv and it may be 4 more before anything gets settled 😦 yes wailing is very much in my mind now….I feel bad for all those that date anyone that is not in their own town…hugs to you all…hope you fair the time better than myself….

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