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The power of love

February 13, 2014

power of love

The whispers in the morning
Of lovers sleeping tight
Are rolling like thunder now
As I look in your eyes

collage power of love

Love truly is a powerful emotion, be it love for a lover, child, friend or your country.It inspires us to be better , try harder,to be gentler, softer, it’s as if thinking about the word unlocks all of the best things in our lives. Often love is a word that is used lightly , how often have you heard someone say I love my new shoes.. new phone, new dress, boyfriend/girlfriend.. only to find something else has replaced them in that position such a short time later. Such changes may make love seem fickle but it’s not. Love is uplifting and though passion may wane , dedication may falter, the love that inspired these is still alive it just may not be expressed. I don’t believe love is finite, by acknowledging love for one person it does not reduce your capacity to love another I also believe love comes in many forms .For example a parent may have three children and love them all, they may click better with one,love one that reminds them of their partner , love different aspects about another.. but loving one child does not mean you cannot love the others. In regards to romantic love I believe there is a similarity, if you think of the loves you have had in your lifetime you will realise that it is just as well love is not a limited resource or you might have run out of your supply before you reach your 30s.. or 20s.

As the saying goes:

Love is many things. It’s varied. One thing it is not, and can never be, is unsure.

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