Let’s rise up and dance!

I have had a hectic 24 hours in RL so I made a wonderful escape into SL to enjoy some time recognizing that around the world there are women who have been through, and are in violent or unsafe situation’s . One Billion Rising is about gathering together to say “this is not ok!”. In Secondlife there are 4 sims dedicated to raising awareness and expressing the hope and love pouring out to reach women and girls around the world. Rather than add more words to this post I am going to share some photos and encourage you all to get out and enjoy this opportunity for live music and dancing together !

one billion rising_001

One of the many carefully constructed arrival areas, bright and appealing, there are greeters scattered around the sims along with information kiosks. There are also generous gifts from many of the supporting businesses.

collage obr dance

I have been enjoying the work of DJ Bander, sadly he was the only person in the crowd who didn’t render for my pictures.. but it’s worth taking a look at the crowd..do you notice anyone you know?

collage obr dance 2


When you need a break from dancing take a walk around and reflect on the artworks that are on display. This has been a day of art, poetry, music , dance and rejoicing. There’s still a few hours left to this day so grab one of the SLurls below and join us in rising up.

collage obr displays

SLurls: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/OBR%20Dance/168/68/24





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