Turn the other cheek

Turn the other cheek

Within SL there is a constant stream of new products to enhance our avi’s appearance. The latest of these is the Perfect Bum, brought to you from Gamer’s Inc. And yes that is me with a mesh butt.. though when I saw the size of the other ass alternatives out there I swore never would I wear one! I’ve been made to “eat my words” just as with my Lush breasts I have found an alternative that fits me perfectly.

As with other ass alternatives you wear an alpha and add the Perfect Bum, I reduced my belly size and body fat down to 0, this is often what’s required with other attachments so I wasn’t too surprised . But what surprised me was how seamless the silhouette is. In all of these pictures I have done no editting other than to crop it, I used Nam’s Optimal Skin and Prim windlight setting.

closer to Perfect Bum, Gamers Inc

Look at that line, no jutting disconnect from my torso to the lower region. Now just a few extra bits of information and then I will drop the SLurl so you can try out a demo for yourself. This is new! like hot off the production line new.. so skin makers are just getting the opportunity to grab up the development kits now. What an exciting opportunity for skin makers  as in my opinion this ass alternative has a beautiful natural appearance for a wide range of shapes.. not just the more fuller curvy women amongst us. So for now the appliers for this are underway in the hands of designers, so I will be waiting to see who is able to release their’s first. Clothes wise, some mesh clothing works really well with this ,like this fantastic sexy lingerie set from OW.Demos are your best friend with mesh so you will just need to experiment as you go but .. and here’s the exciting news they work pretty close to perfectly with Slink feet. Barefoot there is a slight edge but I am hoping to continue tweaking my shape to minimize this further, but as you can see with my Slink shoes on there’s no disjointed line anywhere as you look from waist to foot.

Perfect bum, Gamers Inc.

SLurl to Gamer’s Inc: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tiranitus/42/182/2501 so you can grab a demo for the Perfect Bum, and if you like it as much as I do you can buy from that location too.



3 thoughts on “Turn the other cheek

  1. awesome to see what else is out there since i am not a fan of the Phat Ass products. I am a small avi and have no intention of going wide.. thanks for the info 🙂 Rebloggin

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