Making waves

Heating up the pool

Advanced warning this post is all about getting wet… very wet! I was offered the opportunity to review another wonderful item from Batteries  Not Included . ( see previous item here : This time a wonderful, wet , slippery play time in a deliciously naughty paddling pool was the focus of I invited a friend.  Now before you get too excited there is no nudity involved instead my friend Zuzana and I kept our swimsuits on.. and with great designs like these can you blame us?

collage making waves

This paddling comes in a range of colours  that you access via the owners menu and the props rezzed are colour co-ordinated to match your choice. You can colour parts individually for a unique look and you can also choose to have the surface of the pool wet or dry looking. I selected poses from the girl/girl menu, but there is so much more to this pool, with not only boy/ girl, solo but also combinations for threesome fun, there is a total of more than 150 animations. Now the pool itself says no modify but that mainly refers to the scripts and items, as you can resize the pool if needed. Included with the pool is a range of oil layers to wear courtesy of Paradisis ( I was able to pass Zuzana a LM so she could go grab herself some) this is a great detail since the texture of the pool and the sheen of the water shows that this pool is not your ordinary paddling pool. Another great feature that was included that really impressed me is that you can alter the water level.. trust me when you are making love ( yes it is a full sex menu) you don’t want to be worried about drowning your partner while enjoying the moment.. well unless that is something they enjoy .. not my kink but the world of pleasure is wide and varied.

Now the special that you NEED to know about , until the 7th March this pool is available with a 35% discount at The Suicide Dolls Event, after that it will be available on Marketplace and in the mainstore. But why not grab the SLurl and the discount while you can :

Since neither Zuzana or myself stripped bare for this post I would like to share a few more details about the swimwear. Both suits are from a relatively small store, Piper Moda.The designs are bright and fun and realistically cut.. sexy but not threatening to spill us out at any moment. They are super low priced and I must thank my friend Vicky for sharing this store ( via Facebook) as I enjoyed visiting this store and dragging Zuzana along too, she didn’t complain once she got there ! Anyway I will include the SLurl along with the details below the last picture.

collage  Karen Piper swimwear
Details: Serenity
Skin: Ria Tan 3 Dk, -Belleza-
Hair: Gaia, ^.^ CaTwA^.^
Eyes:Lucid Eyes – Leather , IKON
Swimsuit: Nisa Red, Piper Moda  ( Piper Moda Las Vegas store – )
Extras: Soft oil, PARADISIS
Slink medium feet

Details: Zuzana
Skin: Shyla Tan 0, -Belleza-
Hair: Rumour has it:Chardonnay, ::Exile::
Eyes: Perspective Eyes – Dune , IKON
Swimsuit:  ‘Kristy Aqua’ , Piper Moda
Extras: Soft oil, PARADISIS

Prop: Oily Paddle Pool, BN Inc. ( @ The Suicice Dolls Event)
Poses: for swimwear only shots from Purple Poses


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