Sail away

sail away

The day passed by as did many miles, stopping for a brief respite and meal I changed my formal gown for something more suitable for traveling. With a sleek flowing gown of elven influence  from Poet’s Heart I felt ready for adventure. This delicate shade of green setting of the new jewels I found myself drawn to,I was so glad that I travelled with a purse and even happier to find that this jewelry was discounted ( see information in details) . I wanted to look my best at journey’s end though I still had much distance to travel. Arriving at a wide slow moving river I purchased a crossing on a small boat, giving my feet a rest and my thoughts the freedom to fly to my desired destination… to be cont. once more

collage sail so far away

Time for a few more details. I didn’t quite get close enough to give a clear shot of the fantastic nail polish from ZOZ but I will be wearing it again, meanwhile take a look at this compostite shot that shows the two huds available at The Pure Sales room, fantastic shopping opportunity at great prices.

collage zoz soft metals

The gown , oh how I love the names of the colours that Irina has used for this set ; Midwinter sun, midwinter sunset, dying light, evergreen, icefield, northern lights, winter wine and withering wood. All amazing as they appear to be a blend of subdued colours and yet radiating light within the fabric..pure magic.

Before I finish off with the specific details and SLurls I must mention further the jewelry .. yes it is a real bargain not just one woven into my little tale. Zuri Rayna Jewelry is regularly part of the 55L Thursday sale and this week you can follow the footprints straight to these items. For 55L you can purchase the choker , or the earrings, or the bracelet.. or make the most of these super low prices and buy all three so you can have the set. What a great opportunity as this is not for sale as a set in the store, and although they look beautiful as individual pieces they really make an impact as a complete set.


Skin: Candy – America – 01 C, -Glam Affair –
Hair: HAIR 46 / Mauve , Eaters Coma
Eyes: Perspective Eyes – Oxidation , IKON
Gown: Nenime Gown  (withering wood), Poet’s Heart – NEW
Jewelry: Elements  Coral Pearl & Gold Bracelet, Earrings, Choker, Zuri Rayna Jewelry-
Makeup: Touch of Magic eyeshadow (Rusalka), [mock]
Extras: Slink elegant hands with Just Soft Metals II Polish from {ZOZ} ( @ Pure Sales room- )
Poses:Angel ( Group Gift) from The Muse Poses-


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