Travel the world

around the world KR prize

I would travel the world if I could back home to find you.. or better yet I would thread my fingers through yours as we traveled together. This felt like a fitting end to my trio of posts.. the Around the World Hunt ( information here – is a huge global themed hunt around SL. With prizes for men and women it is a great hunt to do with friends or a loved one, what better way to see the grid than with company 🙂

Above Darius wears the male’s version of the Giraffe dressing gown, perfect for lounging around home, the females one is similar but in the alternative pattern of mostly cream. The packaging was fun so I included it in the left foreground. This is the first prize in the section dedicated to Africa, the hunt starts here..  and that’s where you can collect the hud,the hud is free and each found item costs 1L. You select a continent to work on and it is a great journey that can be completed in as many days as you wish ( until 31st March when the hunt ends).


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