Walk the woods

TWA story book legend , mardigras

Purple is my favourite colour, I’ve yet to come across a shade of this majestic colour that I do not like. Whether it’s in a delicate misty pastel shade, tinged with grey or blue, slightly blushed with pink or rose , vibrant and pulsating with indigo lights tor whether it is deep and dark, velveteen and moody in it’s richness.. I love them all.

Whilst searching through my inventory for something in the mardi gras theme I stumbled across this gorgeous gown from The White Armory, complete with a headpiece, all I added was a simple purple mask and I was off to dance the night away in a grand ballroom. Then as the night gave way to morning I wandered  through the grounds, kicking aside my dancing slippers to enjoy the dew wet grass and the brush of night flowering blooms as the groomed gardens gave way to a lovely untamed wildness. Though weary from a night of dancing in the company of friends I felt invigorated by the cool, calm peace around and pressed on, one destination in mind.. -to be cont.

Now I have an apology and confession to make. I originally shot this picture as a random shot not intending to use it.. but I loved the look and then I snapped a picture for my next post and realised I wanted to use this in a series of posts. But I have no details recorded about the outfit. I know it is a Glam Affair skin The hair is one of Exiles – I think it is Live every moment , the mask from dirty little secret and the location was on the grounds of the lassitude & ennui mainstore.


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