Bring on the rain

let it rain let it pour

After a hot day when heavy clouds seem to fill the horizon , the light seems unnaturally bright and the air feels like it is crackling.. that’s when I love to be outside. That moment when the first few rain drops hit the parched ground, dust that once lay thick and listless on the ground being sent flying as those tentative droplets give way to big fat glorious raindrops. My new little friend and I didn’t let a few raindrops hold us back from enjoying a walk, grabbing an umbrella we embraced the drama of an impending storm, though I took some music for when the thunder got too loud. I must remember to find some for him so he won’t be so scared, but I held him close and we sang and howled throughout the storm.. “These are a few of my favourite things..”

collage let it rain

Skin: Aria skin – Asia – Combination 05 F, -Glam Affair – ( @ The current Arcade )
Hair: Maiko [Black Fade Pink] and Maiko Headphones [Yellow] from  TRUTH HAIR – (NB this is from 2 different sets from The Arcade)
Eyes:Horizon Eyes v2 – Caramel , IKON
Dress: Ryuu/Dragon Dress in Blue & Gold , Kawaii Dolls  [ new store – ]
Shoes:Oria Sandal – Leopard , Hucci ( one of the last 21Shoes offers)
Accessories: Rain no rain umbrella. -puppy-, *BOOM*
Puggly {Bumble Bee}, .Birdy.
Extras: Slink high feet and elegant hands

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