When she smiles

natural beauty

The whole world smiles. Well I know I smiled back when I saw this gorgeous lady looking back at me from the wall display at the ND/MD exhibit at the Skin Fair. Yes Skin Fair 2014 is approaching and yesterday saw the opening of early access for selected blogger groups. So be prepared for lots of gorgeous newly released skins, plus a few older releases that I couldn’t resist including. But I wanted to start with something different, something new to me ( in line with the meme challenge posted here http://strawberrysingh.com/2014/03/03/new-meme/   , by Strawberry Singh).

So let me present to you, Tahira from the Real Doll collection of ND/MD. Yes a full mesh avatar! Up until this point I had only worn mesh avatars that fall into the non-human category ( animals, petites), I had not even tried a demo for the mesh heads that have been released. What changed my mind about trying this.. look at her ! She is what she claims to be a real doll.. she is lush and gorgeous, athletic yet curvy . Available in three skin shades , with this being the middle one you receive everything I am wearing above other than the hair ( Nikky from Mina). I love her height and her curves, I love her smile.. yes she smiles!

collage tahira

Sorry about cutting her off mid- torso here but I really wanted to focus on her lips. As you can see on the top left of the first picture there are three facial expressions available on a simple click hud, this hud also includes the ability to hide certain parts of her body ( feet, lower torso, calves ) to enable a better fit with some clothing.  Now onto the tricky part of mesh avatars, clothing.. with her lush figure I am sure that you realize that Tahira doesn’t fit into  “Standard size” mesh clothing. The ability to hide part of her lower body does make it possible but those gorgeous breasts defy hiding ( well there was no option to on the hud). The designer has come up with her own collection of clothing and includes a bikini and cute capris and off the shoulder top outfit in the package. The good news is that there are more clothing options available in the ND/MD mainstore with other swimsuits, an evening gown, cocktail dress and even a sexy costume. There is also available a mesh suit kit available to create clothing if you are looking for something different to wear, this is available for 1L.

real doll mesh suits display

So as you can see if you are looking for an alternative to the mesh avatars that are just so very cute that you almost want to pinch their cheeks.. or want to try one that has her own skin and is all ready in one tidy packet then you might want to head to the ND/MD display on Sim 3 at the Skin Fair . I will post more details.. SIM maps etc in upcoming posts, and once the fair is opened I will be including the SLurls to each sim ( 3 in total). Meanwhile start saving because there is so much to see .. demo..and buy at this year’s Skin Fair.


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