A beautiful canvas

With the official opening of Skin Fair 2014 only hours away I wanted to share a few more posts if I can .. and first up something very special. The skin fair is packed with a huge range of skins for men , women and children, but did you know there are also some of the best make up creators of SL sharing some exclusives as well as different items from their collections.

When I saw the displays of Madrid Solo I was instantly enamored with the palette , style and beauty of the makeup. I chose a lovely skin from Elysium to act as a beautiful canvas to display a selection of Madrid Solo makeups available at Skin Fair 2014.

collage Madrid Solo seductress

The first picture is the bare skin, other than my mon cheri mesh lashes, then we have a selection from the Seductress range. Dirt shadow , Aqua shadow with Bronze lips, Silver shadow with Red lips ( note the lips and eye shadow are on separate layers).

collage Madrid Solo DotB

Again in the Dot-B set the lipstick and the eyeshadow layer are on separate tattoo layers, I just enjoyed combining for different and interesting looks.First there’s Rose/Multi upper shadow paired with Nudish lipstick, Blue and Yellow upper shadow with Orange lips, Magenta and White upper with Pink lips and lastly the Red lips on their own.

I love the versatility of these makeups they really encapsulate how makeup can be used to enhance a skin or create a completely different look.

Skin:Shui (cleav./brown eyebr..) – milk, Elysium ( @ Skin Fair 2014, Sim 3)
Hair: Sober:Moreno, ::Exile:
Eyes: Lucid Eyes – Leather, IKON
Makeup: Seductress Fatpack ( eyes/ lips) Madrid Solo ( @ Skin Fair 2014 , Sim 2)
Dot B Fatpack  ( mix and match) Madrid Solo ( @ Skin Fair2014, Sim 2)
Mesh Lashes, Mon Cheri
Dress: Kitten Velvet Dress, (Pewter), Sn@tch


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