Back in business

molichino is back

Molichino is back after a break and what an awesome way to re-open free group join AND a special surprise for 1 lucky shopper. Want more details..keep reading. I got an updated LM when Molichino reopened and I headed into the store at the next free evening I had, what a beautiful setting for this store, these pictures were taken on site. I picked up these very versatile high-waist shorts and joined the group as it is free to join for a short time only and was able to pick up this simple plaid top as one of the three free group gifts. When there was a delivery issue , I tried the redelivery system and then sent a notecard to the owner explaining the issue. She promptly responded, apologized and re-sent the items I had purchased that failed to deliver. I really appreciate such great service and so I want to mention another incident which really impressed me with the owner’s desire to make amends. I had been shopping at Collabor88 ( where I picked up these cute shoes for slink feet) and I had been disappointed to find lag picking up before I had finished shopping , I know I should have been grateful to have gone shopping there anytime in the first week without being frozen by lag. Anyway as I was trying to purchase the cute ponytail style from Olive I noticed only one colour pack partially rezzing.. thinking I should grab it before I crashed I did this but never received the item. Unable to get it redelivered I sent a polite notecard explaining the issue and was contacted by the owner who was so very apologetic for the issue with the non delivery as well as the failure to rezz the other packs she offered me another pack of my choice as well as the re-delivery of the item I had purchased. How generous , and far beyond the service I had hoped for , events in SL can be extremely laggy so delivery issues are not surprising but to be helped so readily by two designers really shows you how much they value their customers, I thank you both.

Marina, okkbye

Now speaking of potentially laggy events I have news to share about Skin Fair 2014 it is open ! Now it has opened early , so a big thank you to the event co-ordinators on this and the measures they have put in place eto reduce lag. I will be posting another post shortly and it will include maps and SLurls to get you around the 3 sims that make up the Skin Fair. There is an imposed 15 script limit so do everything you can to reduce scripts, remove jewelry, shoes, dress in system clothes – I favour leggings , a top and a hair base for my low script shopping outfit. I heard there is also a box on the landing for the a covered skin that enables you to wear no clothing whilst not breaching the PG rating of the sims. In this post I have been wearing the lovely Marina skin from okkbye, this skin is simply gorgeous in a range of delicate shades this is one skin I will be keeping close to wear again and again.


Skin: Marina – Afterglow: C1: Black Brow, [okkbye] ( @ Skin Fair 2014 – now open)
Hair: the Felicity Hair – Burned Browns, .Olive. ( @ C88)
Eyes: Horizon Eyes v2 – Dark Antique, IKON
Makeup: Marina Lippies – Nude – [TINTABLE MEDIUM], [okkbye]
Top: LahLah Halter , MOLiCHiNO- group gift
Shorts: Kaia Shorts, MOLiCHiNO
Shoes: Oxford Heels [Slink Feet] – Milk & Chocolate,The Secret Store ( @ C88)
Accessories:  Glam Sunglasses ,* Rivendell *
Meg Satchel Brown, Noodles ( @ The Arcade)
Extras: Sink medium barefeet and elegant hands
– In the close up , wearing Liri Dress, Blueberry, MOLiCHiNO

*PS I had not forgotten about the special treat in store for one lucky shopper, a random drawing will see one shopper become a MOLiCHiNO  Lifetime VIP ( there will only be a maximum of 4 new recipients of this title in a year) and they receive access to all past, present and future releases from MOLiCHiNO. You are entered automatically if you purchase before March 17 5pm SLT, only one entry per person regardless of number of purchases. In addition three special shoppers will also receive the next three new releases free! SO grab the SLurl from the details and see what tempts you.


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