All the comforts of home

comforts of home


I wanted to show you this lovely little house from Cleo Design it domes with it’s own furnishings ( shown above the table, chairs and flowering planter) but I also wanted to add some additional furnishings as I feel that’s what gives a room personality..makes any house feel more like a home. I added a fantastic palm from StoraxTree, most of their mesh items have a simple resizer menu so I increased the size until I was happy with the look. I found some random cup of coffee in my inventory and then wanted something special in the centre of my table,  I had the perfect piece a lovely blue rose from NSP Florals.

collage sweet details

For the finishing touch StoraxTree  has these great sleeping cats, which give that feeling of domestic peace and calm , without having to worry about feeding it.

As I focused on the furnishings rather than my apparel or appearance I won’t add the details for my look, but if you want to know about any thing not mentioned feel free to message me.

Summer cottage, Cleo Design ( past Lazy Sunday special)
Vintage Plant Stand, Palm Aj , StoraxTree
Feline Treasures- Sleep , Black or white n, StoraxTree
My Love Rose Bowl, NSP Florals


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