When she dances

Junbug , Love and War


   With alabaster limbs and ivory garb, a silent step like a single snowflake landing

     she moves ever forward with the grace of a solitary snowdrop dipping and swaying in the breeze

   Her soft tinkling  laughter mirrored by the the music created by the myriad of jewels adorning her arms

     the translucent gems catching the light as she weaves her arms gracefully through the air, every movement creating a   unique melody

  Gaze upon her opalescent eyes, her pale slender limbs, one might imagine this ethereal being with silvery sparkling hair like strands of spider web glistening with morning dew

  instead a radiant auburn halo frames this delicate face, fine wisps of flame coloured tresses rest lightly against her marble like countenance

 As she nears a  golden glow  unexpected as it is pure, cascading from her spreading ever outwards

   bathing her surroundings in a soft gentle warmth bringing forth the change of season

The essence of Spring dances amongst us.

Junbu, Glam affair, Tableau vivant

Skin: Mokatana skin – America 01 D, -Glam Affair –
Hair: Valentin Hair – Equinox, ~Tableau Vivant~ ( @ FaMESHed)
Eyes: Horizon Eyes v2 – Caramel , IKON
Gown: The Succubus in Ivory Fur -,RARE, {junbug} ( gacha item @ Love and War) only on until 6th April see below final picture for SLurl
Jewelry: * NIANI * bracelet black, .:EMO-tions:.
Freyja’s Collar – Silver -CBOX, *{Junbug} ( gacha item @ Love and War)
Cira Necklace Rare,On A Lark ( gacha item @ Love and War)
Makeup: Girl White w/eyeshadows, [White~Widow – Face Tattoo] (TRPH5 prize)
Hair accessory: Season Queen 01, Glam Affair
Extras: SLink mouse hands with The Runway Perfect hud polish from Nailed it ( TRPH5 prize )

Junbug at Love and War
Junbug gown, had to share this after seeing the effect with different windlight

SLurl to Love and War : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kenenkaan%20Forest/131/127/1116


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