Perfectly fitting

perfectly fitting

Well it is in my opinion perfectly fitting that this post is perfectly fitted out with creations from three amazing designers, the only difficulty is where to begin. So let’s begin with the fitted mesh. Yes that’s right this gorgeous gown from The White Armory is an example of the newest thing to hit SL shopping, fitted mesh. Not everyone can see fitted mesh yet so it is fortunate that this gown includes both fitted mesh and standard mesh in the usual sizes, so what have I learned about fitted mesh .. not a lot admittedly but here’s two main points. First you do need to wear an alpha, originally I thought that fitted mesh removed the need for the alpha layer but no, instead fitted mesh gives some stretch to your mesh clothing. Take a look at the collage below, in both pictures I am wearing the fitted mesh version of this gown and the only change I made was to my size. On the left my usual size and on the right.. I pushed up the breasts and belly as well saddlebags.

collage twa fitmesh

Perhaps I should have used the same pose, but anyway you can see the changes to the bust and hips where the dress just stretched to fit.. now the second thing I learned was there is a point when the mesh ” breaks” becomes distorted, but fitted mesh does allow for a lot more variation in curves than standard mesh so a move in the right direction. For those with more subtle curves.. fitted mesh isn’t necessarily going to be as noticeable or always as positive an experience. Some fitted mesh items  ( from other stores) made my shape look overlarge in some places, the hip and butt area in particular . So there are features I love and at times I will grab a fitted mesh version of another, but as with all mesh outfits DEMO demo demo.

perfect mix

Next up in my appreciation of perfection is the re-release of the Symphony set from Zuri Rayna Jewelry. I have the original version and still wear it as I love the way the necklace sits so beautifully.. but now it comes in a whole new range of vibrant colours I have a new appreciation of the possibilities. Seen here in the bold combination of Parrot green opals, onyx and sterling this set is like a breath of fresh air ..exotic tropical fresh air. I was thrilled at how great my polish from {ZOZ} echoes the intensity and shine.. love it!

I have another collage to share as it was the easiest way to explain about the amazing perfection that is [Mock] makeup. The owner and creator behind this gorgeous makeup has pulled together a huge array of miscellaneous make ups che has created and not released fully before. SO she has packed them all into one small box with a small price – 50L. This is not a group only offer, tp to the store and you will find it sitting on the main desk. In the pictures below I am wearing a mixture of makeups, some full sets, some eye only or lip only.. so you can see the possibilities of how you wear this makeup is enormous.

collage perfect make up

Phew done with the writing now I will drop in the details and a few SLurls to make your shopping easier, have a great day everyone !

Skin: Skin Erin Pale Pearl Brunette Chest D, *League
Hair:Carol ~ Dark Brown, Amacci
Eyes: Lucid Eyes – Machine , IKON
Gown: Lostwithiel Lake Mesh Gown Set-Lunetta_Dress-FITTED MESH, The White Armory
Jewelry: Symphony Cyrstal V2 ~ Parrot Green/ Onyx/Sterling ( set includes necklace, earrings , ring and 2 bracelets), Zuri Rayna Jewelry ( new release -25% discount for group members with tag on )
Makeup: various, from [mock] -365 days of “when did I make that?!” pack
Extras: Slink mouse hands with floral etch spring polish by {ZOZ}

SLurls to – The White Armory:

Zuri Rayna Jewelry:



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