Step to it

Another round of photos to share showcasing some of the treasures you can get your hands on for a mere 5L courtesy of The Runway Perfect Hunt. Here’s the link to the page for hunts and SLurls if you haven’t started yet.(

Now onto the shoes! Yes shoes, no matter whether you have usual standard SL feet that you first walked onto SL soil with.. or one of the mesh alternatives there is something here for you to take a closer look at.


collage trph5 shoes1
TRPH5 – MPP and !Drakke!

Both of these shoes use the inbuilt foot system , where you use a hud to tint the foot to match your skin colour.  This is a challenge, I found it was easiest to get the closest match with the shoes from MPP. Both huds had options for changing toenail polish, and you can enter RGB numbers to help with skin matching though choose your windlight setting with care. Information notecards on how best to match skins are included with both.

collage trph shoes2
TRPH5 – In-Pose! and [L.Warwick]
Both of the shoes in the picture above are designed to be worn with Slink medium feet. If you do not already have these feet you would not be able to wear these shoes as they were designed to be worn as they are shaped and rigged to fit the shape of this specific foot. You can find more information about Slink products on their blog, including lists of creators who make Slink compatible products and skin creators who make appliers which enable you to match your skin with a simple click of a button. However you can still get a pretty close match thanks to the more advanced hud even matching fantasy skin colours pretty closely.


collage trph shoes 3
TRPH5- Elysium

These strappy sandals from Elysium are designed to be worn with the mesh feet from JD ( Just Designs). I purposefully went and bought these feet so I could review these items, and pick up some JD shoes in the future of course. I snapped a picture of the hud on the right , it has a similar palette option for colour picking if you choose to match your skin, and a nice range of nailpolishes. There is also a “button” where it says Perfect Skin this takes you to a website so you can access a list of loaded skin presets. Most well known skin makers are there with a good range of shades so you can select the right one and it instantly loads the right match for your skin.

These were only the shoes that were separate prizes from the hunt, there are several outfits that also come with their own shoes. Remember each item is 5L to buy.. what a great deal.

Other details:
Skin: Betty Tan 4, -Belleza-
Hair: Springer Hair – Solstice, ~Tableau Vivant~ ( @ C88)
Eyes: Horizon Eyes v2 – Dark Antique , IKON
Outfit: Blake JUMPSUIT, Diram
Extras: Slink mouse hands
Pose chair: Valencia Sofa , Label Motion ( past subscriber gift)


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