Heartfelt thanks


tied up with gold ribbons

I love hearing the stories about the names of clothing, knowing that something was inspired by or created for a specific person. In this case the lovely gold trimmed green gown begins a series of gowns titled Ladies of the White Castle. The White Armory is acknowledging the wonderful women who make up part of this amazing team, beginning with this gorgeous deep emerald mesh gown ( with detachable cloak) in honour of Lady Ida Donardson, who is the face of TWA! Tirelessly greeting customers and helping wherever she is needed, and on a personal note I can vouch for that, every time I pop in store she is there, looking impeccable in the latest TA release and offering a warm greeting and any assistance. If she is afk she is quick to follow up any messages and she is the “go-to person” if you want an invitation to the group, which I highly recommend as they have generous weekly group gift (available in store, and changed each Sunday).

Ida gown, TWA

I love gold detailing, the edge of the cloak and the hint of rich underskirt showing.. but the standout for me is the criss-crossing ribbons on the arms and bodice. I matched that with the beautiful gold ribbons adorning this lovely bouquet of peonies from NSP Florals.

NSP Florals, gold peonies

Elegant from every angle this bouquet is a perfect gift to anyone for any occasion, I know flowers are often given romantically but with such a bright vibrant colour as this I believe it appropriate for any time you want to say I appreciate you, thank you for being in my life! Why wait for a special occasion give flowers to your loved ones any day .

Skin: Paris TDRF01 *vivante* brown, Essences ( @ TDR Fusion)
Hair: Fleur, TRUTH ( @ The Seasons Story)
Eyes: Lucid Eyes – Leather, IKON
Gown: Ladies of The White Castle Mesh Gown Set-Ida, worn with optional cloak , The White Armory  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Emerald/61/137/25
Accessories: Peony Button Bouquet (Gold), NSP Florals  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Jewels%20Isle/113/172/25
Extras: SLink flat hands with Pearl polish from Izzies ( @ TDR Fusion)

Poses: Jewel Poses, !Musa!




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