Wear your walking shoes

TWA easter hunt


The White Armory is so much more than a wonderful clothing store, and you can see this for yourself as you participate in the Easter Hunt that’s now underway. Scattered around the different areas of this sim, but not in the stores themselves are hidden ( IN PLAIN SIGHT) 10 wonderful big balloon bouquets. These are each set for sale for 0L and a group tag is not required, inside you will find a range of TWA items. So grab your friends and family, grab your camera ..save your shoes and use the tp boards they’re a much faster way to get around 😉

TA Balloon Bouquet

In this post I am wearing one of the gifts from the hunt the Pretty  Sunday dress. I’m also wearing Cloe skin from Yoon Beauty and my hair is the newest release from EMO-tions. My shoes are Hucci’s contribution to C88 and are worn with Slink high feet.

SLurl to : The White Armory Hunt : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Emerald/61/137/25


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