Moody blues ..or in the pink

collage moodsHave you been over to the Monochromatic Fair? No , well there’s still a little over a week left for you to head over and shop until you just can’t shop no more. It’s interesting at times my shopping habits in SL are affected by my moods. For example : annoyed at someone- I shop, excited about something- I shop, celebrating something- I shop, bored- I shop, tired, well then I log off and go to sleep. I don’t shop when I am angry though, I quickly realized that no good can come from shopping in THAT bad a mood.. either I hate everything I see or I buy things I will never wear/use.

Interestingly enough colours also affect mood, green and blues bring calm and peaceful moods and thoughts of water, coldness and nature, whilst oranges and reds conjure up thoughts of heat, fire, anger, romance and hunger all pretty intense connections.  It then sounds obvious that when you go shopping the colours in the environment are going to have an impact on your mood and therefore your desire to stay in that space and therefore shop. Some stores bombard you with an intense clash of colours from the walls to the floors and then throw in the displays , my eyes don’t know where to focus first and I leave feeling overwhelmed and disquieted. In contrast some are almost like you are walking in a white box, I get the feeling of space and freshness but I also get a lack of connection with WHO owns this space. To me creating an inviting and interesting store increases the chance of return customers ( alongside quality goods ) and loyalty to a brand- yes it does happen in SL too.

moody blues , mon cheri

Most people can identify a favourite colour, for me purple, and one that least appeals, I don’t wear a lot of orange. Whether or not you have a passionate connection with a colour you are bound to find some great colourful deals if you head to the Monochromatic Fair. Streets are labeled with a colour and the stores that line these have exclusives focussing on shades of that colour. The first store that drew me in was Mon Cheri, where I picked up this gorgeous ombre maxi dress and fantastic flat sandals. As the ideas for this post popped into my head I wandered from store to store scooping up what I needed, a few extra things I really wanted, plus some bargains and almost freebies that were too hard to walk by . Below I have a close up of the two pairs of Slink compatible shoes I bought at the Fair, I absolutely adore the ankle detail on these sandals for flat feet, while the hud for the  Kendall sling backs make these shoes for high feet so much fun as you can customise each section with a different shade of blue.

collage blue shoes


The next picture doesn’t focus specifically on anything from the fair, but continues in the theme of shades of a colour. My delicate sky blue lacy lingerie was last week’s TGIF special at Blacklace, I had meant to post this whilst the special was still available but I have had a super busy time writing for runway shows. The fun zebra furniture in this and the next picture are ones I picked up at Erotigacha, they are called Quickie sofas and each have one  couple animation, as I was using individual poses ( more details to follow) I can’t comment on how erotic the poses are.. so get gacha-ing and make test drive one with a loved one.

moody blues, lingerie

The super skimpy bodysuit in the next picture is from Miss Canning,  including appliers for both mesh breasts and azz, and is available in a range of bold colours. My sexy hot pink high heels ( for Slink high feet) I also picked up at Erotigacha. In both of this lingerie pictures I am wearing skins I purchase at the special birthday edition of TDR , above is Izzies Nomi in pale, with blue and below is Celestial naturla in milk from Al vulo. My great short hairstyle is also available at TDR and is the materials version included in the Eva hair from Mina.



in the pink, Miss Canning

Now back to the Monchromatic Fair where Sakide brings a great hud option outfit , pick a colour of this cute short, shirt and shoes outfit , slip on the hud and voila you have choices of three different shades of the one colour.

in the pink, sakide

As the month head into the last week some events such as the Monochromatic Fair are getting ready to close up, whilst others like the Fantasy Faire are gearing up to open at the start of the month. However the Pose Fair has been open for a few days now and hopefully the crowds have eased enough to allow you in to shop if you haven’t yet. All of the poses in my photos today are from the Alea sets 01 and 02, which Eternal Dream Poses has available at the Fair.

So enough chat, time to drop you the lists of details and SLurls and wish you a happy shopping. I have two more scripts to write for upcoming shows, so if I don’t get another post done for a coupe days, please forgive me and know I will be back sharing my love of shopping and SL with you all soon!

Moody blues– outfit
Skin: Nomi TDR Skin pale BLB blue, Izzie’s ( @ TDR Fusion)
Hair: Drake Hair – Ladies – Solstice, ~Tableau Vivant~
Eyes: Ascension Eyes – Storm , IKON
Outfit: Empire Maxi Dress – Ombre Cyan, *MC*- Mon cheri ( @ Monochromatic Fair)
Shoes:Malesia Navy/Silver Sandals,*MC* ( @ Monochromatic Fair)
Jewelry: Necklace – Part-Time Boho Princess – Long – SINGLE,MG Maxi Gossamer ( @ Monochromatic Fair)
Khaleesi’s Ring Of Power – Small ,MG – fair gift ( @ Monochromatic Fair)
Extras:Slink flat and mouse hands, league natural polish and Slink flat feet
All Poses : Alea set 01 and 02, Eternal Dream ( @ The Pose Fair)
Moody blues– lingerie
Skin: Nomi TDR Skin pale BLB blue, Izzie’s ( @ TDR Fusion)
Hair: Eva (materials), MINA dark reds ( @ TDR Fusion)
Eyes: Ascension Eyes – Storm , IKON
Lingerie: Tender Caress: Sky, ~Blacklace~
Shoes:Kendall Slingbacks Blues Slink HIGH, Has Been ( @ Monochromatic Fair)
Extras:Slink flat and mouse hands, league natural polish and Slink high feet
Sofa:Quickies, Teal Zebra, *AC* ( @ Erotigacha)


In the pink– outfit
Skin:Celestial* natural brown brow milk, al vulo ( @ TDR Fusion)
Hair: Eva (materials), MINA dark browns ( @ TDR Fusion)
Eyes:Destiny Eyes – Nymph, IKON
Outfit: Rosa Outfit, [ SAKIDE ] – includes shoes ( @ Monochromatic Fair)
Extras: Slink flat and mouse hands, league natural polish
In the pink– lingerie
Skin:Celestial* natural brown brow milk, al vulo ( @ TDR Fusion)
Hair: Eva (materials), MINA dark browns ( @ TDR Fusion)
Eyes:Destiny Eyes – Nymph, IKON
Lingerie: [ Taylor Bodysuit ] Pink, :: Miss Canning ::
Shoes: Chained – f.Slink High – HotPink/gold, BowChicka ( @ Erotigacha)
Extras:Slink flat and mouse hands, league natural polish and Slink high feet
Lush breasts
Sofa: Quickies, Pink Zebra , *AC* ( @ Erotigacha)

SLurls to: Monochromatic Fair :

Erotigacha:  NB this is an Adult rating sim-

Pose Fair:

TDR Fusion:




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