Come with me

wayfarer, headpiece close up, Poet's Heart

I am going on an adventure, and I wish you would join me. Wear solid walking shoes and bring a staff for we travel high and low in our search. It will be wonderful to have company for this quest promises to be a long one, I am glad you have chosen to be my traveling companion. Ready? Then let’s be off we embark tonight for The Fantasy Faire.

wayfarer, Poet's Heart at FF

Our journey only truly begins once we have left behind the familiar rolling hills of our homeland, farewelled the valleys that were our childhood playground and entered the realm of the unknown. Do not fear fellow adventurer for we are in a place of respite and calm, no harm shall befall us here. Known as Faireland Junction this area offers us portals to the many exotic locations we must traverse to reach our goal destination. There is much to see and much to find, keep your eyes open and a tight hold on your coins for I am sure there will be much to tempt us along the way.

My travelling garb is comfortable and strong designed by a talented creator, should you wish to find similar attire you can seek out her merchant store as we pass through Wiggenstead Mooring. The outfit consists of a flattering mesh tunic ( standard sizing and fitmesh options) which can be worn with or without included leggings. Boots with long, cosy leg-warmers are also included. You can also purchase the staff and headpiece from the same location , a hud is included allowing you to customise with different colours of wood, leaves, flowers and decor.

Poet's Heart, Wiggenstead Mooring

Skin:Erin Pale Pearl Brunette Chest C, *League*
Hair: Mandy (materials), MINA
Eyes: Promise Eyes – Moor, IKON
Outfit: Wayfarer, Autumn Foilage RFL, Poet’s Heart ( @ Fantasy Faire 2014- Wiggenstead Mooring click link for more information and SLurl  )
Accessories: Wayfarer Staff and Headpiece, RFL, Poet’s Heart
Location: Faireland’s Junction, Fantasy Faire 2014

Your shortcut to the Faireland’s Junction:

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