Mischief in Medhir Woods

After completing our errands in Wiggenstead Mooring we found a poster singing the praises of the beautiful shopping town of Medhir Woods. This sounded intriguing to both of us, I admit it, but I had no idea of the turn of events that this detour put into action. We spent a pleasant afternoon wandering the cobbled streets , perusing the wares of the many merchants. It was a lovely warm day so as our arms became weary we turned to seek some shade in the nearby park that hugged the shore of the peaceful lake. I don’t know who noticed the curious little being on a nearby rock, was it you or me,  we both turned to each other with such a surprised look on our faces. As one we turned back to look more closely at this flora draped creature. She turned lazily towards as and offered a shy smile, her green eyes vivid as she stared at both of us with a curiosity equal to our own. She tilted her head and her lips moved though I could not understand the sounds she made.

Margarita Outfit, Sweet Lies

I heard a soft sound behind us and turned to see a mischievous minx sneaking away carrying with her one of our backpacks of food. I don’t mean to sound like I am blaming you for the outcome but it was perhaps not the best course of action to start shouting and chasing after the little sprite. Grabbing up the remainder of our items, I chased along too, so as not to be left behind, but I also desired the return of our possessions. Surprisingly fast this tawny creature scrambled over tree roots and rocks before slipping through an entryway to yet another area. Without hesitation we both gave chase, if we were to know the outcome would we have been so persistent in our pursuit? I for one am not so sure.

Kadea, Sakide, RFL

This was a fun shoot to plan and photograph on the shores of the lake of Medhir wood, within Fantasy Faire. Both of these looks have outfits that are available at stores within the event, the first is from Sweet Lies Designs which  is located on Wiggenstead  Mooring, the second is one of the RFL items from Sakide at Mourningvale Thicket. For other details keep scrolling, and to find out what happens next , come back to my blog for the next installation of my Fantasy Faire Adventure.

Details: Picture 1
Skin: Heartless :: Witch :: Bust :: Brows :: NT – Soft, .tsg. ( The SUgar Garden offer at Enchantment)
Hair: Aaliyah ( plus ivy add on), Calico
Eyes: Utopia Eyes – Deep Faerie Green, IKON
Outfit: Margarita outfit, Sweet Lies Designs at Fantasy Faire
Makeup: Alena Forest Lipstick, “tSg”
Spring Lashes, [ #7 ]
Extras: Slink flat hands and feet
Pose: Stuff dreams are made of Le Poppycock

Details: Picture 2
Skin: Ebony Nat Pale, .::WoW Skins::
Hair: Ferocity Natural Tiger, Hairoin
Eyes: Spectral Eyes – Leonine, IKON
Outfit: Kadea Outfit brown , [ SAKIDE ]- includes jewelry and sandals for Slink flat feet – RFL
Makeup: .goldschlager. prim lashes, [ #7 ]
War Paint – FULL Body, :: YaYo ::
Accessories:{Meiade~ tangerine} Tail .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. ( @ current Fantasy Room )
Extras: Slink flat hands and feet
Pose: Moving light 02, Ma Vie

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