Help from on high

Thank goodness you turned in time to see what had happened to me, once I realised how small I now was I feared I would be lost amongst the grass, or worse trampled on in your determined pursuit of the creature that now ran past STILL clutching the bag.  I was in shock still as you scooped me up so didn’t have the wherewithal to tell you not to berate the enchantress who had transformed me, as you told her succinctly of the wrong she had done us as we sought only to recover what was ours I was wide eyed with fear that the same fate may befall you. Thankfully the ladies took pity on us and sought to return my normal stature, confusion ensued when nothing worked. The enchantress in green surmised that there was something more to my reduction than her sister’s spell and suggested we seek the advice of a wise woman who currently dwells with the gypsies who travel the land imparting entertainment and wisdom in whichever realm they visited. Unfortunately neither seemed clear about the location of this traveling party so they suggested we travel on to Asperatus where they knew of a Circus troupe who had close family connections with the gypsies.

asperatus ringleader

As we arrived in the flying city I felt quite overwhelmed with the size of our task, metal platforms crisscrossed the sky joining buildings with steep staircases. Fortunately we arrived at the time of day when the circus troupe traverse the city to advertise their upcoming shows to raise the interest of visitors and locals alike there was a loud band playing fronted by the dramatic and colourful ringleader.

She has an idea

As the crowds dispersed we approached the leader and explained our situation, she removed her hat and gave looked us both over from head to toe before smiling and offering her advice. She explained that her assistant would be the best person to speak to as she is the daughter of the woman we seek. However we would need to seek out this young lady high above the city as she was on a shopping expedition for the ringleader to purchase more sparkling confetti, apparently they only used a variety made by a master crafter whose store is on the uppermost level. So off we set on our journey high amongst the clouds, fortunately the leader had described the girl we sought perfectly.. except for one thing and so I was taken by surprise when I came face to face with her.

asperatus guide

Her being of a similar stature to my own came as quite a surprise, she grinned and asked if we had journeyed through Blackwater Glenn by any possibility. She offered the information and pointed us towards a darkened area amongst the forested landscape below . Apparently our next destination was close by, the Mourningvale Thicket was not a place I had intended to visit when I set out on this adventure as it has a reputation for being home to the less honorable members of society, thieves, assasins for hire and pick pockets feel quite at home amongst this creepy environment. However as we could easily gain transportation it seemed cowardly to refuse the opportunity to regain my normal size over fear of being beset by further misfortune.

Details: Ringleader
Skin: Kim – black eyebrows – hot chocolate, Deesses Skins
Hair: HAIRBASE 10 – straight darkbrown, .:EMO-tions:.
Eyes: Lucid Eyes – Black , IKON
Hat: Victorian RoseTop Hat (F) (Gold), NSP Florals ( past hunt prize still available in store 1L)
Makeup: Full Face Design- Beyond- Full Set, Madrid Solo
Jacket: Sixty-Two Jacket Set (F/M) RFL, *BOOM* ( @ Asperatus sim, Fantasy Faire)
Pants: Tintable Jeans LQM Shiny (Highheels) – REDGRAVE
Jewelry: Sorcerer-Gold/Onyx Earring, Zuri Rayna Jewelry
Shoes: savoy.sandal.leopard/titanium, ieQED
Extras: Slink elegant hands and high feet
Poses: Misty poses, from Morgane Batista Poses ( coming soon)

Details: Gypsy petite
Skin/ Shape: Royale Rose, Fallen Gods
Hair: Anais Petite Mesh Hair – Powder, /Wasabi Pills/
Eyes: PETITE Orchard Eyes gold, Painfully Divine ( FREE on MP)
Outfit: Gipsy petite summer dress, Grim Bros. ( @ Asperatus sim, Fantasy Faire)
Shoes: Petite Romancer footwear, ::: B@R ::- Bare Rose

Location: Asperatus sim, Fantasy Faire

NB- Fantasy Faire AND part 1 of the Palace of Tears hunt- Fimbelby’s Wager both end on 11th May.. so now I am going to be spamming my blog with the remainder of my planned posts. So be prepared to read the next installment in a few hours time 😉


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