You’re the one I want

Serenity's Diner

So I managed to get into C88 in the first wave of shoppers last night, first time ever. After battling waves of lag, disappearing lindens and slow rezzing I finally shopped to my heart’s content. That’s not to say I won’t be going back for more because.. well there were more wonderful items than lindens in my wallet. I picked up the Truth hairstyle and Glam Affair skin, lots of wonderful slink compatible shoes ( I absolutely love that Hucci sells hers for 88L). Speaking of Hucci, they actually have some cute non Slink shoes this C88 as well, so keep your eyes open for them.

Dinner time or breakfast

As my midnight approached my friend Greg logged on for his morning mail check in, and I grabbed the chance to bring him over to my place for a quick photoshoot. I had every intention to take the photos but I seriously envy how he uses light, so the pictures today are courtesy of Greg Slocombe ( SL photographer). My skirt and top are both from Baiastice and my glasses are from Yummy.

Serenity close up

I love the bold red pop of lipstick on this skin, a fantastic contrast since I selected the Asia tone. Now as it was late I forgot to record every detail I was wearing, but as mentioned so far almost everything I was wearing you will find at the May round of Collabor88 ( once you can get in).

My diner set however was not, it is a 2 piece set that rezzes wearable props as needed for the poses. I believe I picked it up as part of a sales even t(like  55L Thursday or 75L Sunday) a couple months ago from a store called The Pier.


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