A special kind of magic

fae court

As soon as we arrived at The Faery Court we could feel a change in the air, this was a place of tranquility and peace. Every plant, every animal, every being seemed to radiate a special kind of magic. I finally felt hopeful that everything would be alright, that the gypsy lady’s daughter and I would be returned to our normal size and that you and I would successfully complete both the hunt we were given from Fimbleby and our own quest.

The first faery we met greeted us warmly, her shy smile never leaving her face as we explained our reason for entering this sacred area. She was quick to assure us that she would take us straight away to see one of the royalty of The Faery Court. As we followed along behind her I admire the radiant rainbow shimmer of her wings and noticed she had two constant companions fluttering either side of her, she explained she was taking care of her younger sisters who were too young to be left alone. Both little fae giggled musically and drifted upwards to kiss their sister on her cheek causing her to laugh , an infectious sound so we all joined in. And so it was our merry little group arrived at the spiral stairs leading to one of the many tall towers. Our new friend bid us wait as she went to seek an audience, as we waited nervously we straightened our clothing and sort to shake some of the road dust and flower pollen from our garments. And then it was time..

fae royalty

We were shown onto a balcony at the highest level of the tower and there hovered a delicately beautiful faery her silvery garments adorned with softly glowing threads and vibrant blue flowers, we were both in awe of her so it was well that our gypsy friend was able to explain the situation. The faery princess motioned for me to come closer, and in her  softly musical voice asked me if I wished to be transformed back to my natural size. I was quick to nod my assent and added a reverent and hushed please. She touched a fingertip to the top of my head and whispered a phrase in my ear and it happened! I was back to my self, I mean back to my own height , no longer looking at everyone’s ankles, I threw my arms up in the air and laughed happily. Turning now to face the gypsy lady she plucked a flower from her shoulder and whispered to the heart of it as she stroked one petal gently. She then offered the blessed bloom to the gypsy and said for her to make sure she asks her daughter if she wishes to return to her natural size before placing the flower behind her daughter’s ear.

Our gypsy friend departed soon after, returning to Asperatus to her daughter and her troupe, but we remained at The Faery Court for the rest of the day. We were treated as honored guests and before leaving were visited by the faery princess with a request. As she knew of the two quests we were seeking to complete she had a favour to ask of us, into my hands she placed a small fragrant wreath which she desired to be placed at the base of a specific statue within the grounds of Sanctum. We readily agreed to this simple request and vowed to make that our next place to visit, then we made our farewells and set off our footsteps lighter as we both felt the end was in sight. Little did we know that there was to still be a challenge ahead of us.

Details: first Faery
Skin: Aria skin – Asia – Combination 05 A, -Glam Affair  ( past Arcade item)
Hair: Princess Mesh Hair – Vanilla pudding, /Wasabi Pills/
Eyes: Eternal Eyes – Feldgrau , IKON
Outfit: Hopeweaver basic, Spyralle ( @ The Faery Court, Fantasy Faire)
Accessories: + Rosen Pixie + {aii} ( past FGC item)
+ Starlight Pixie + {aii}
Hopeweaver Wings – for Donna Flora, Spyralle
Melide leg decorations, *Sweet Kajira* ( @ FGC)
Wood Green Bracers, .:Aurica Store:. ( @ FGC)
Shoes: Andel Flats – Sky, [tea.s]
Extras: Slink flat feet and mouse hands
Details: Faery princess
Skin: Aria skin – Asia – Combination 05 A, -Glam Affair
Hair:Cry Baby – Milk, !lamb. (@ current C88)
Eyes: Eternal Eyes – Feldgrau , IKON
Outfit: Harmonia Silks , pearl , Caverna Obscura (@ Blackwater Glenn, Fantasy Faire)
Accessories: Minuet Wings (Unscripted), Evie’s Closet
Queen Hera Gown Set_Lotus Crown-, from outfit of same name, The White Armory ( may be in outlet )
Shoes: Andel Flats – Sky, [tea.s]
Extras: Slink flat feet and mouse hands


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