Gypsies, Thieves and Scoundrels…unlikely allies

Assasin 1

On arrival into the dark woods we were instantly challenged when a slender woman entirely dressed in black slipped silently out from the shadows her raised dagger doing all the talking, she motioned us towards a clearing. Several gypsy caravans were on the edges of the clearing  though this was of little reassurance as no one else was in sight. As the nonspeaking assailant stood before I us she motioned you raise me up , I gulped nervously and tried to return her stare bravely, and that is when I noticed her curiously dark eyes, they reminded me of someone I had seen recently. Turning abruptly she tapped against the walls of the largest caravan, gave a slight bow in our direction and disappeared back in the direction she had come from, and that’s when I realized that she moved with the same grace as the helpful ringleader from Aspertus.

Assasin 2


The heavy curtain at the door of the caravan parted and an armored lady appeared before us, giving us the same close scrutiny before speaking. With relief we discovered that we had found someone prepared to help us in our quest. Though the Gypsy troupe we sought had already moved on this warrior was prepared to act as escort to make sure we reached our desired destination safely. Without any delay we set off towards  a coastal swamp area called Heavenslough, apparently this was the next stop for the Gypsy travellers who were a few days ahead of us, with luck they would still be there when we arrived.


This second outfit is from Gauze, a store I have not come across before, though it is obviously well established. This outfit in this purple option is the RFL item for sale, thought it is also available in black, or purchased as separate parts- there are a lot of parts in this outfit. I love how the pants are designed, you can wear in this half cut away version, or a solid pair. The sword and pose is one I picked up at The Fantasy Gacha Carnival.



Details: picture 1
Skin: Taylor (freck/dark eyebr) – mocha, Elysium
Hair: *DOMENICA * /black, .:EMO-tions:.
Eyes: Lucid Eyes – Leather, IKON
Outfit: Wardancer (onyx)- includes weapons as well as boots, tunic and leggings Poet’s Heart ( @ Wiggenstead Mooring Fantasy Faire)
Accessories: Face Art, (Black), [The Forge] ( @ We ❤ RP)
Pose: Take a turn 1, [tea.s]

Details: picture 2
Skin: Mokatana – Petal ( Happy Xmas ❤ ) B, -Glam Affair –
Hair: Grappa Pieva – Midnight, “LoQ Hairs”
Eyes: Spectral Eyes – Darkstar, IKON
Outfit: Fenrir (Twilight)- includes bodice,pants, boots, gloves ( with posehud) , pauldrons, arm braces, [Gauze] ( @ Fantasy Faire)
Mask: Faunia Mask, Pure Poison ( @ FGC)
Makeup: Lae’s Feather Misfit [lip 2], [mock]
Pose ( includes weapon): Hear me Roar! 2, {NanTra}










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