Don’t forget the fine print

between the print

I wanted to share another couple outfits from the FashionArt Event, which runs until 31st May. On the left , from Fabouzz!, a fantastic 50’s inspired dress covered in a fun manga print, this halter neck dress is available in other prints as well but this one just caught my eye. On the right another black and white eye-catching outfit this time from Hollyhood. This mesh one piece is available in several different colour options all with a great shine to them, important to note is that these are designed to be worn with Slink high feet as the shoes are built into the suit.. I only wish I had remembered to paint my toenails the same as my fingernails. {ZOZ} is also at FashionArt with bold polishes AND these great shoes also for wearing with Slink high feet. Just a quick note that although {ZOZ} has a range of polishes at this event the one I chose for this picture is a Skull silver stripe polish which was released at an earlier time, this should be back in the mainstore now I think.

My great hairstyle is a recent release from Tameless, Rita, and both of these shades are available in the same hair pack along with a wide range of other fades. The poses in my picture are both from BehaviorBody, I picked them up as part of their weekly give away. Each Sunday a sign is placed alongside/ above ( look for a large arrow) one item in store, for that day this item is FREE, this offer is for anyone so grab the LM and remember to keep returning each week and making the most of this opportunity. While you are there remember to grab the other free gifts in the foyer / landing area, these include pose props and furniture. This store covers a wide range of items : single poses, couples poses, AOs, posing props , posing sets and posing furniture.

Before I drop down to the details /credits I just want to update you on a small change I have made in response to reading a blog about Federal Trade Commission’s ( link to blog about this here: Now although I am not sure whether this would apply to bloggers anywhere in the world, it did raise a few thoughts for me. My blog is not a paid blog, so I do not consider it to have sponsors. I do however receive some blogger complimentary items, items made available by stores to have bloggers review and spread the word about them. One thing I have always strived for is to only blog items that I would recommend, that I have either bought or would I buy. The first way I do this is by applying to be a regular blogger only for stores where I am already an existing client, that if you were to open my inventory you would already find a large collection of their items prior to my beginning to blog for them. Another way I achieve this is to be selective of the items, just because something is the latest trend it doesn’t mean that it will be something that appeals to me, that’s not to say I turn a blind eye to whats popular, just that I want this blog to reflect who I am and what I enjoy in SL. You will seldom see an outfit worn just as it comes from the “box” as I prefer to mix and match items, spending time going through what I have already to enhance an outfit. Yes there are a lot of wonderful bargains to be found in SL but that doesn’t mean you only wear something once, well the exception being a wedding gown.

So enough rambling, I will summarize what changes I have and will make with my blog:

  • I have added a page to my blog describing my disclosure policy.
  • I already have a page with links and logos for the stores I regular blog for, ie. these stores give me review copies of their items.
  • The stores that I regularly blog for will have their names in bold font in the details/credits of my blogs. I will also add the SLurl to their mainstore or the SLurl for the event where you can purchase the item.
  • As I receive blogger review items as part of a bloggers group I will now acknowledge that these stores have provided review items by using bold font in the details/credits of my blogs. I may include the SLurl to their mainstore or an event where you can purchase the item.

Details– on left
Skin: Calla (Brows2) brown Mixedtype, DeeTaleZ
Hair: Rita – Fades Roots, Tameless-
Eyes: Ascension Eyes – Scoria, IKON
Dress: Manga 50’s Dress, Fabouzz! ( @ FashionArt Event)
Shoes: From Hell Heels, -{ZOZ}- ( @ FashionArt Event)
Extras: Slink high feet and elegant hands with Skull stripe silver polish {ZOZ}
Details– on right
Skin: Calla (Brows2) brown Mixedtype, DeeTaleZ
Hair: Rita – Fades Roots, Tameless
Eyes: Ascension Eyes – Scoria, IKON
Outfit: HOLLY MESH BLACK/WHITE ARTEEST OUTFIT, Hollyhood ( @ FashionArt Event)
Jewelry: Grapa necklace and bracelet, FINESMITH
Extras: Slink elegant hands with Skull stripe silver polish {ZOZ}
Poses: Staticposes- Placing Pack, BehaviorBody ( past Sunday giveaway item)

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