Breaking boxes

goth fair dark style comp

People don’t belong in boxes, confined , restrained, separated from others by perceived or real differences. Labels so often lightly given based on appearance, gender, ethnicity, sexual preference, religion, or attitude lead to people being stuck in a box, figuratively of course. Why do we do this? Is it something we are taught? To notice differences and try to pin a label on someone doesn’t make it safer or easier to exist alongside people who appear so far from who we are or what we know. But what are we basing these labels on? Sophie Lancaster and her boyfriend were labelled, more than that they were judged. In 2007 they were attacked and Sophie killed purely because of the way they were dressed: ” in their unique way, expressing their individuality as creative artistic people” [ Sophie’s Mum quoted from- In support of this foundation there is a fundraising event being run in SL called the World Goth Fair, spread over three fantastic sims this event runs until 1st of June. A huge range of creators specializing in clothing, accessories and designs that explore this genre have provided at least one specially marked item for donation, either 100% or 50%, so look out for these. Scattered about there are also some freebies/ dollarbies and on the Sium sim a gacha area, check the main blog for SLurls please –

In Secondlife we are definitely freer than in RL, to dress and express ourselves in a range of ways. Also running right now is the Dark Style Fair, in a similar vein with dark gothic inspired items, but also grunge,trash, punk, even some cutesy items. With clothing, shoes, hair, accessories, piercings and tattoos you will soon be laden with shopping, it was great to see a reasonable amount of mens/ unisex items mixed in – not 50% but a better mix than at many shopping events. Ok enough rambling , as you can see I ended up creating 7 looks for this post, so keep scrolling as I will post 7 individual photos with details under each photo. I hope I have managed to keep all the details straight about what was where, because that was a lot of shopping over the weekend!

Excess Purple, Sakide WGF

Skin: Solomon (dark eyebr) – chai, Elysium
Hair: *DOMENICA * /black, .:EMO-tions:. ( adjusted in main photo)
Eyes: Lucid Eyes – Black, IKON
Outfit: Excess Outfit Purple, [ SAKIDE ] (WGF 50% donation)- [ also available in black, red , white, wine]
Makeup: Wonderland lipstick – black/purple, BF ( gacha item @ World Goth Fair)
night cat – teal, adored ( @ DSF)
Shoes: Riverton Sandal – Midnight ,Hucci
Accessories: Mariejean (scripted) [piercings], .:ellabella:. ( @ WGF)
Extras: Slink high feet and elegant hands

Suicide Gurls,Sassy, DRD- DSF

Skin: Imogen Skin ~Porcelaine~ Frost (Black), .Birdy.
Hair: Starlet – Realistic Goth, [Underscore]
Eyes: Lucid Eyes – Black, IKON
Outfit: Vicki ripped top – White, Suicide Gurls ( @ DarkStyle Fair)
Rockitude – black, ~Sassy!~
Makeup: Blackest Darkest Night Shadow (eyeshadow), [mock]
Jade black lips, Oceanne
Shoes: grunge thigh highs – dark net, Death Row Designs ( @ DSF)
Extras: Tatas 1.2
Slink high feet and elegant hands

Muka -DSF

Skin: Margot – Europa 01 – Light Brown, Glam Affair
Hair: “Kanon” (Type B)(Ruby), “”D!va”” ( past lucky letter board prize)
Eyes: Lucid Eyes – Black, IKON
Outfit: Marilyn Red, *MUKA*( @ DSF) – includes hud for colour change fur, can be worn without shown stockings
Accessories: Cameo Necklace – Pirate Silver – Black, Redux! ( gacha @ WGF)
Extras: Slink high feet and elegant hands with Koffin Nails – Slink Nails HUD – Vortex, Dark Passions ( 1L @ WGF)

Orison , Sakide - WGF

Skin:<NS> Witching Hour-Pale-06, [.Riel.] ( gacha item in store @ WGF)
Hair: Morrigan // Boobs – White/Black DipDye, +Spellbound+ ( @ Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
Eyes: Lucid Eyes – Black, IKON
Outfit: Orison Cardigan, [ SAKIDE ] ( 100% to charity) hud for colour change dress, panties included.
Shoes: Combat Trash*PITCH, Yasum ( past gacha event item)
Accessories: Coffin Jewelry Gatcha (Rust Night) ~ Pentacle Choker, Sax Shepherd Designs ( gacha @ WGF)
Wild Roses Tights – Black 1, ~Cannibelle~ ( @ WGF)
Extras: Slink elegant hands with lace gloves , Adam and Eve ( not sure if these were past gift)

Endorphin, Dark Passions, {ZOZ}

Skin: Shanina – red eyebrows – hot chocolate, Deesses Skins
Hair: FBR01 (Pillarbox Red), Discord Designs
Eyes: Lucid Eyes – Black, IKON
Outfit: Alvira – Frock – BLK Leather, Dark Passions ( @ WGF)
Latex jumpsuit , red, Endorphin (@ DSF)
Accessories: Short Leather Gloves, Izzie’s
Shoes: Desire Abyss Heels , -{ZOZ}- ( @ DSF)
Extras:Slink high feet and elegant hands

Goth1c0, Songbird, Kita's SIdeshow,R3VOLT

Skin: Vera – Horror edition 03 B, -Glam Affair –
Hair: Pulse:Raven/Sin, ::Exile:: ( old gift)
Eyes: Lucid Eyes – Black, IKON
Outfit: Ribbed Tank : Blue Reversed, ~SongBird~ ( @ WGF)
Jezebel’s Corset – (Blue), !Kita’s Sideshow! ( @ WGF)
Chemical Synapse Skirt red plaid, Goth1c0 ( @WGF)
Makeup: night cat – red, adored ( @DSF)
Shoes:Lidia Heels 2 [V3], R3VOLT ( @ DSF)
Accessories:Shadowcat Necklace Antique White, :{MV}: ( gacha @ WGF)
Extras: Slink high feet and elegant hands


 Dream bodysuit, Sakide- DSF

Skin: Sora <Alabaster> – Heavy Smoke, Pink Fuel
Hair: Sione (streaked) ~ Night, Amacci
Eyes: Lucid Eyes – Black, IKON
Outfit: Dream Bodysuit , I layered Black and Slate for this effect, [ SAKIDE ] ( @ DSF)
Makeup: Classic Pout Lipstick – Black, Pink Fuel
Shoes: TimeWarp Wedges, Kink
Accessories:Hold-Ups DUST [Socks], .SALT
Extras: Slink medium feet and elegant hands

Poses: Sweet Baby Set, Eternal Dream poses- for single pictures
Pose prop: the cube, !bang


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